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Thread: My idea... "Request a Write-up"

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    My idea... "Request a Write-up"

    Well, yeah, basically what the title says.
    The old site had a ton of write-ups that have not been "ported" here, and the easiest way (methinks) that we can have all the good write-ups back here is through like a request box like this one, but for write-ups


    I need the "Click click start fix" thread, but it's not here, so I put up a request and someone IDK writes it all over again or something as a new thread, so that way we can have all the info here, without the duplicates.

    Plus w'e're missing a ton of the "bibles", so yeah....

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    Why not just contact the original creators of the threads. Ask them if they mind transferring the data. If they rather not, then ask if they mind if someone else (Example: You) transfers it. If neither is an option, then it time to create a new write up, but you must make sure to use your own data to create it, as you will not have rights/permissions to the other persons intellectual property.

    I would suggest contacting the OP of those threads first. If that doesn't work then request a right up in this thread, in hopes that someone else creates it. Just remember that if you rely on others to create it, it might not get done.

    I myself have already contacted some members from the old site, some have agreed to transfer the info, while other have given me permision to do so. I know for a fact that one person has already transfered one thread. Others said they'll do it when they have time.

    I personally haven't transfered anything, that I was given permission for, due to the time consuming aspect. I have found that many treads have the useful data spread out through multiple pages, sorting through everything is a bit of a task. Its really not as easy as cut and paste. Unfortunately time is not something I have an abundance of at the moment. When I do, then I'll look into it.

    Personally don't rely on others to do it, take initiative and write your own originals.
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