I beleive it was Tuesday I went to leave work and the Stealth was misfiring pretty bad. It had rained that day and I thought that maybe because I was parked on a hill that somehow water worked its way thru the intake scoop of the Victory hood and gotten the MAS wet.

So I stopped at a gas station, got under the hood, pulled the MAS off and dried it as best as I could. No good. Still stumbled and misfired the whole way home.

Once home I got back under the hood and pulled the distributor cap off to find the rotor button had corrosion on it. Cleaned that up and it seemed to clear up all the misfires.

That was until the next day. There were still light misfires so I figured I'd go ahead and replace the cap and rotor. It helped a little but there are still misfires. Whats odd is they only happen under light throttle. Anything over 2000 RPM's and everything seems ok.

My thought are when it was misfiring due to the rotor that it fouled a plug or two. The plugs are NGK coppers and were just replaced this past summer. The wires are MSD and are older, but there was no problems with misfires until this past Tuesday.

Just looking for others opinions. Thanks in advance.