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Thread: how to remove your old threads and account the legal way from 3si

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    how to remove your old threads and account the legal way from 3si

    figured i would post it here since it will probably get deleted on 3si but heres the right and legal way to remove your account basically your saying you no longer trust the company and no longer agree with the privacy act the have set

    if any one who knows Canadian law or other countries laws on this please let me know about privacy info laws so i can know if it cant force a website to remove info
    all i know is the US law towards personal data and businesses.

    "just thought id let anyone who wants to know how to have all there info removed from this site as well as all the Personal Created guides and ideas,
    all you have to do is send the contact us with other requesting the removal of your account personal info and personally created threads as well as send a request to have it removed to there privacy statement email address which is

    as long as you live in the us (i dont know other countries laws about this) just say that there is no longer reasonable trust between you and the companies that own this fourm and they will be required by US Law to remove all Post created by You as well as your account

    it it is not removed and found to be on the site after a reasonable amount of time to remove it and your post you then have the right to sue the company for malicious collection of personal information"

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    lol 13 min on 3si before it got deleted

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    Quote Originally Posted by zapman2000 View Post
    lol 13 min on 3si before it got deleted
    That long huh?

    This is good info to know because I've been thinking about trying to have it done.

    Quote Originally Posted by HilbillyHomeboy View Post
    I bet she smells of old mustard and sawdust.

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    I was going back through my old threads, for some reason they only go back to 2001 (joined 1999). Even with as much as I did with my car, I didn't really find anything worth saving :-(
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    Search from vbb only returns XXX results and that probably only gets you to 2001. Their is probably more in there that does not come up on a user name search.

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    hmmm interesting. Someone try and see how it goes?

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    lol now they banned me for

    You have been banned for the following reason:

    Date the ban will be lifted: 10-29-2012, 06:00 AM

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    Got two years bro! 3si should be dead by then anyway.
    - 24

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    not about it being dead its about them locking my account and not letting change personal info!!! heheh!!! was stupid of them to ban me because now i have the ability to say in court when there lawyer ask "why i didn't just change it my self?" "how could i they banned me because i request this to happen obviously they didn't want to let go of my personal info only a person with malicious intent wouldn't let me change it"


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