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Thread: funny whiplash story

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    funny whiplash story

    OK just thought id share, thought it was funny. ok one of the guys at my work loves racing, nascar, drag, off raod what ever. Well he is a big domestic guy and thinks my car is BS and doesnt think its fast. Well he bugged me and bugged me to take him for a ride so he caould see for himself.....well, I finally said ok. 17psi later and a couple hard pulls, he said his neck really hurt and thinks he had whiplash from when the boost kicked in lol. He said its the fasted thing he's been in and will never take for granted built up imports lol.

    Just thought Id share that.


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    Thats awesome man I love when people take my cars for granted. When people take me camaro for granted I tape a 20 dollar bill to my the inside of my windsheild and tell them if they can grab the bill before I get to fourth gear they can keep it and if not they shut their mouth. I have yet to loose a 20 dollar bill. I have yet to try it with the vr4 but not sure if its got the torque.
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    I love surprising people. It just never gets old/stops happening.

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    Haha nice. I was going to say whiplash isnt funny, but this is . I hate people who talk shit about cars that they know nothing about. >_<


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