I have the following for sale. Labonte VCD3G Controller and Display and pump. Display/controller are very slightly used but the pump was installed but never used. This is just the controller, display and pump, if I have any nozzles or fittings I'll throw those in also. Not sure what fittings I have to go with it till I go look in my boxes. Unit works great and one of the best ones to get. I upgraded. I'll post pics later tonight. Looking to get $425

From their web site.

VCS3G - 3D Injection Controller w/Dash Display

The VCS3G from Labonte MotorSports is not just an injection controller. It is a fueling computer for water-methanol injection systems. The advanced control algorithm was developed through rigorous engineering and dyno testing to deliver precise control of injection. Delivering the right quantity at the right time leads to maximum horse power and detonation control from a methanol injection system.

Now compatible for reading IDC on fuel injection engines with Direct, Port or Peak&Hold style fuel injectors.

User friendly-system "tunes" itself. Simply enter pump type, boost start point, nozzle size, and approx HP - and the correct injection quantity is configured from the units 3D injection algorithm
True 3D injection control based on engine fueling and boost pressure for maximum power and the most accurate injection at all times
Injection Fail Safe input displays actual injection qty on screen and warns if injection goes below set-point for enhanced reliability
Adjustable on-the-fly for additional fine tuning (+ or - of the injection map) from the drivers seat
Internal MAP Sensor reads 0-30psi
Fluid Level switch input and warning indicator/beeper
Advance LCD and touch screen control panel allows easy setup, tuning and monitoring of system, all on the fly in real-time
Displays Injector Duty Cycle, Boost (psi/bar), % water-methanol injectoin, warning indicators for low-flow or low fluid level (with optional upgrades)
Extensive System Diagnostics for error free usability
Peak & Hold displays Max Boost, IDC and Injection
Additional 12V output signal for running nitrous, etc.
Includes: Dash Display Module w/mounting bracket, engine bay injection controller, Laptop cable to update flash memory, wire harnesses for complete install.
Designed to operate on Fuel Injected gasoline engines with Forced Induction (Turbo or Supercharger)