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Thread: ECU learning curve?

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    ECU learning curve?

    i went blow thru. my fuel trims and O2 trims have been at 100% since i have had the car (my ecu is stuck in open loop).

    so i bought a second O2 sensor (for the rear manifold, connects up by the fuel rail) because i initially only had the front one hooked up.

    i have a blow thru setup, everything is set correctly. my question is, how long will it take for my ecu to "learn" the correct fuel trims? O2 trims are changing while its running now.

    i have heard that the fuel trims can change very quickly, but i have also heard stories of the ecu taking a long time to "learn" after being reset. what say you?

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    If the o2`s are cycling it`ll take probably 200 miles to trim all 3 trims, you should see low trim movement quite soon though.

    My GTO never altered the long term trims, went into closed loop fine though..
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    Mine was about the same as Keith. Low trims set really quickly, once the car gets up to temp you can just cruise around at low load and it'll set quickly. The other two trims will set in a normal tank of gas, in my experience. They'll change a little bit over time, depending on a few factors.
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