I have 2 rebuilt heads for sale. These heads have been cleaned, oil galleys removed and cleaned. They have not been machined because the surfaces are still straight. These were taken off because one of the seats were bad. They have new springs and the valves and valves seats have been ground and tested on a super flow The heads have new valve stem seals installed as well. They do not come with lifters, rocker arms or cam shafts. However I can included these parts for extra. The rebuilt heads are $300. These heads are compatible with 91-99 NA and TT models.

I also have a set of camshafts (4) with a little bit of flash rust which is not harmful. $75 for the set or $25 each
I have a set of cam cogs (4) compatible with 93-99 models for $75 for the set or $25 each.
I have a set of rocker arms $10 for all of them.
I also have a cam angle sensor tested to work for $25.

You can pick up all of this for $450.
After buying these please keep in contact with me because in the rare case of a part being bad I will refund up to 10 days (I need to spend the money) but I will ask that you pay to ship the parts back. I will also take offers