I need help for my poorly running modded '97VR4. It has been a nightmare after servicing/upgrading months ago. Upgrades: ID1050's, BOV, AEM-EMS II. Upgrades 10 yrs ago: 3SXecutioners turbos, Dejon larger SMIC and piping. Maintenance: new seals and gaskets, coil packs, wires, plugs. Smoke test - no leaks. Guys that did the work could not street tune at all. Runs like crap. Can't find anyone around here (Northwest Philly suburbs) that can engine diagnose and tune an AEM-EMS II).

It does start and idle, but will not run on the road without bucking and snorting. Maddening.

In checking fluids this weekend, I found this HKS item hanging down in front of the firewall. Baffled about the two open (to air) ports. Can't be right, can it?


Any help would be greatly appreciated.