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Thread: Chrome, European '99 ECUs and the immobilizer

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    Chrome, European '99 ECUs and the immobilizer

    Hi all Chrome wizards!

    I drive a 1999 Euro-spec Twin Turbo (VR4 to US folks). I acquired this one only recently and figured I'd be satisfied with the performance for a while, but.... you know. Less is not more in this case.

    Anyway, from what I have gathered there are some unclear issues regarding the compatibility of Chrome with European ECUs. According to this thread, Chrome is not compatible with Euro ECUs:

    However, IF I have understood correctly, you can load Chrome into an Euro ECU without issues, according to the experiences of Marty K. and The-Stig in this thread:

    Further, apparently the immobilizer present in European cars has presented problems for some, but others claim that installing Chrome (which is based on a US ROM) over the stock ROM should by itself eliminate the immobilizer, as its code is not present in the Chrome ROM. But contradicting that, the following thread has discussion regarding disabling the immobilizer via code (in the ECU). Also mentioned in this thread, a version of Chrome for Euro ECUs has been under development at one time (Ange has a version with limited functionality) (discussion regarding Euro Chrome on page one, immobilizer coding on page three):

    Finally, I understand that Chrome has the functions present for controlling ECS and Active Aero, despite these features not being present in US '99 models. The European models were never updated past mk2, so the 1999 model is no different from other post-1994 models (with exceptions of the ECU and updated lifters).

    So, what I'm asking is:

    1. Can I install and run Chrome on my stock, 1999 European ECU?
    1.1. Does the standard version available on the Chrome online store work, or do I need a special Euro version?

    2. After installing Chrome, do I have to make Euro-specific adjustments to make my car run normally (pre-modifications)?
    2.1. Are there e.g. special modifications needed for Active Aero and ECS to function when running Chrome?

    3. Do I need to disable the immobilizer, or will it be automatically disabled by the lack of code in Chrome?
    3.1. Is there some way to maintain the immobilizer function? I try to keep as many of the OEM functions as possible.

    I'd be eternally grateful if the guys involved in Chrome tuning could spare the time to chime in regarding these issues. Flash tuning seems to be the absolute best way to tune, and I've always had problems with the idea of tricking the ECU (and its safety mechanisms) with piggyback systems.


    EDIT: Realized I had omitted the actual questions from the post
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