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Thread: Stealthee's Blow Out Sale. Final One (I hope)

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    Stealthee's Blow Out Sale. Final One (I hope)

    With being laid off/furloughed for the past month (and for at least another month after this) I've been trying to find things to keep me busy. With all the crappy weather progress slowed on the car, but I started going through my parts one last time. Below is the list that I was able to get through today. I have more stuff to go through tomorrow so I will be adding at least a few more things.

    If you want pictures of anything let me know and I'll get them. My goal is to actually get pictures of absolutely everything then post them in a gallery so they are available for everyone, but I wont be doing that until the list is complete.

    Nothing is priced yet so please feel free to throw prices out if you see something you need. I'll add pricing once I am happy with what is listed. The more you buy the better the deal you get.

    As you all know I have always had a stellar reputation for getting things out quickly and packaged well, and that is not going to change. Once everything is listed here for a period of time I am going to start putting it on eBay.

    - front and rear TT precats (ungutted)
    - front and rear TT precats (gutted)
    - (2) OEM wastegate actuators (sets)
    - boost leak tester in OEM bubble
    - OEM bov
    - 9b parts turbos (2 each compressor housings. 1 each compressor housing has been bead blasted. 3 exhaust housings. 1 o2 housing)
    - EGR valve and tube
    - PS non heated mirror (blue)
    - (4) DS non heated mirror (2 red, 2 black)
    - PS heated mirror (green)
    - OEM rear tow hooks
    - (3) gas doors (blue, white, green)
    - (3) OEM hood shock sets
    - (3) outer door handle sets (white, green, blue)
    - OEM front license plate bracket
    - fake glass panels
    - PS sail panel (green)
    - 94-96 3000gt DS airbag
    - 94-96 PS airbag
    - clockspring (with radio controls)
    - DS door harness (with heated mirror)
    - PS door harness (with heated mirror)
    - non turbo abs sensors (complete set)
    - 97-99 DS window regulator
    - (2) ABS computers (MB686562)
    - cruise control box/cables
    - alarm/security module (MR141214)
    - keyless entry computer (MB920442) w/auto off, etc
    - mirror switch/rheostat with bezel
    - (2) mirror switches
    - (2) cruise switch (steering wheel)
    - cruise switch (center console)
    - (2) rear defrost/ecs switches
    - rear defrost/dummy switch
    - rear wiper switch
    - lumbar adjustment switch
    - pop up loght/fog switch
    - SOHC MSD Super Conductor 8.5mm spark plug wires
    - auto comp controller (MB630456)
    - (2) sets of NA green top 210cc injectors
    - 91-93 NA gauge cluster (143,122 miles on odometer)
    - front wiper motor
    - AC fuse box (lid cracked on side)
    - SOHC coil
    - (2) rear washer tank
    - (4) coolant overflow tanks
    - (2) cupholders
    - slave cylinder rebuild kit (3/4 bore CSK103525)
    - main gauge bezel
    - dome light assembly
    - OEM dash tweeters
    - (2) under dash fuse box covers
    - door courtesy light cover lenses
    - (2) under hood fuse box covers
    - SOHC oil pump gasket (MD323891)
    - (2) mass air flow sensors
    - SOHC valve covers
    - battery tray
    - (3) battery hold downs
    - fender brackets/braces (set)
    - (3) radiator bracket sets
    - ATX intermediate shaft
    - MTX intermediate shaft
    - OEM rear motor mount
    - OEM jack
    - 94-95 TT Fed-spec ECU (MD192589 E2T61373)
    - 94-95 TT engine harness
    - OEM sill plates
    - grey a pillar interior trim
    - 94-98 center reverse panel (blue, no lettering)
    - 94-99 3000gt rear bumper cover (green)
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    I added more things to the list. I have to sort through two more bins and see what other large items I still have but this should be pretty much it.

    Again if you see anything you're interested in just let me know if you want pics. Throw me a price on stuff. I'll start pricing things myself when I get a few hours to think about it.


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