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Thread: New member .... Site help

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    New member .... Site help

    I already registered earlier this week, read the site faqs, read the entire welcome post and I still cannot search. I just started here because my BIL had to many cars and asked if I could take over a 95 NA 3KGT there is so much info here. I donít want to post resident topics so I am trying to use the search and I am given a you donít have access to this yet. Any help would be appreciated. Oh Hi!!!!

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    Part of Hello message:

    "In closing
    Please review these resources then reply to this thread and tell us about yourself. Within about 15 minutes after you've posted the rest of the forum will be open to you. "

    Hope that helps.



    Hrrmmm... I need to learn to read CAREFULLY.
    Skipped over the part where you said you registered earlier this week.
    Maybe Alan (site Admin) will jump in and give us both an answer...
    95 Caracus Red Spyder VR4
    Cianci FG Viper Hood/Aerocatch Pins
    Quad Carbon Fiber Tipped Borla Catback
    Stock 18" 6 Spoke Chromies
    K&N FIPK
    Indiglo Gauges
    JimVR4's Remote Start/Top Op Computer

    92 Wheat Beige Metallic Stealth TT..Winter DD!!

    OhioSpyderman Short Shifter (in both!!!)
    SBC-iD Boost Controller (in both!!!)

    Oldest son - 94 Danube Blue VR4 (sold 10/19)
    Middle son - 93 Panama Green VR4

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    No bob you are correct I read everything but it must not have stuck because I had not posted anything I just read everyone elseís post all post to that thread lol. So Iíll give it another 30 minutes and try again. If possible mods please move or delete. How do I give you thanks lol
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