I'm trying to collect all the parts for the "factory authorized" Cellular Phone installation in my 1993 3000GT (see this thread on 3si for more details, all info I've collected about this option).

I've already collected many parts, but am missing a couple very important parts:
  • Hands free module: Mounts to the steering column and has a microphone, 3 speed-dial buttons, and I believe an answer/end button.
  • Hands free controller: A gray box that mounts on the driver side of the trunk area behind the plastic panel. Three connectors plug into the box, and two wires come out of the box and plug into the phone base/transceiver.
  • Handset cradle: The handset clips into this.

These parts could exist on any 1991-1993 300GT (base, SL, or VR4). I'm not sure if it was available for the Stealth, but I would expect it to be. It was also available on at least the 1992 Mitsubishi Diamante, and likely a few years after.

Here's what the hands free module looks like:

Here's a picture of the phone (left), cradle with mounting bracket (top right), and hands free controller (bottom right):

Here's a picture of the hands free controller mounted in the trunk area:

And here's another look at the handset cradle:

Shipping would be to zip code 48336 in the USA.