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Thread: Stand alone Scantool, communicates to all computers on our cars

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    I also received mine, super fast shipping, thanks. Have not had a chance to play with it and was just going to wait for an updated manual, no rush.

    But now i'm curious, how would one use both odb 1 and 2 ports at the same time? Looks like I would need the DB9 Enhanced OBD2/MUT cable. The only advantage is being able to scan the ecu and other systems without changing cables and moving jumpers, is that correct? I do have the older style conversion harness 99 ecu but I don't know that I would ever need both cables.

    92 3000GT VR4

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    When I designed this product, I wanted it to be useful for all 3S vehicles, including mixed up versions with mismatching engine ECUs.

    There are some 91-93 (OBD1 cars) that the engine ECU have been swapped out for 98/99 ECUs, and are using conversion harnesses to do this. These harnesses have a second OBD port, specifically OBD2/MUT. In this case, the user has two OBD ports, OBD1 connector for SRS, ECS, ETACS, A/C climate, etc. , and OBD2 connector for engine ECU. If the user wanted this to be permanently installed in their vehicle they would need the enhanced DB9 OBD2/MUT cable (same cable found on the LCDBC's unit).

    The jumper selection is to address two issues.
    Issue 1: OBD1 engine ECU, and OBD2/MUT engine ECU are different. Jumping from one type to another requires jumper change.
    Issue 2: The jester ECU kit puts a 12volt power source to the automatic transmission OBD1 pin location. This is a conflict for automatic transmission users, so a jumper selection is required. We can't be sending a signal onto a 12volt power source.

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