I realize I am not verified, but I was one of the original members of the "other" forum. This is posted on there as well.

I believe these were one of the last sets of TiAl DR750's that were made out of the new cores before they became too expensive and switched to 9b's. These are also ported by DR so there is no fire ring. Basically everything done to them to be the best TD04 bolt on turbo you can buy.

They were purchased 6/20/2011 sale number 8812 from DR. I purchased them from the original purchaser in 2013, but DR brokered the deal. They were sent back to DR, DR confirmed they were new and original TiAl DR750's, ported them and added Forge wastegate actuators. They have sat in a box in my heated garage ever since.

These have become ultra rare. Might be the last set of new ones out there. If not, there has to be only a handful.

For me to part with them I would have to get $3650 firm for the turbos without the forge actuators and $300 firm for the Forge wastegate actuators.

Also have a new DR ARC2 with the optional larger MAF and filter. Don't know the rev off hand but it is whatever the latest was in 2013. No clue what to ask for this or if there is demand. Will start with $500.

I've held on to these forever and swore I would never part with them since they are the best and never to be made again. However, I am doing two big builds right now: full long block and aftermarket blower on my CTSV and full long block and aftermarket blower on my C7 Z06.

If these sell before I finish these builds, I will let them go. If they don't, I'll finally get around to finishing the VR4.

Here are the pics. I only opened one of the boxes. The other is still sealed from when I got it.

Also, if taken with the forge actuators, Matt set them up properly so they would hold 30psi. I believe that means they are set somewhere around 15psi.