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Thread: Trouble shooting

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    Trouble shooting


    New to forum so I hope I'm in the right spot. I recently went on a 50 mile drive and parked in my garage. The next morning there was a lot of silvery looking oil on the garage floor, looks like it started around the drivers side firewall, drove it back to storage and it operated normally - any ideas?

    Kevin Rowe

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    I'll leave this to someone better-informed, but preliminarily, I'd say you have some trouble that needs shooting.

    Good luck.
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    I have an idea, something is leaking, lol. I'm assuming from the post you didn't check any of the fluid levels after seeing the oil to determine what it was and where it came from? The way the post is written it sounds like "I saw a puddle, and drove it back to storage, end of story". I bring this up because power steering fluid after being all grimed up can look like engine oil on the ground, and checking the steering fluid level would eliminate like 80% of the things that can leak in that general location. The rest is basically engine oil leaks, which can be a sign of something catastrophic that when it breaks while driving will destroy the engine. The best way to locate a leak is to clean the area really good and then start checking for the leak, say where the oil pressure sender screws into the block, ect.

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    Gotta agree. Your post is along the lines of "My car is making a noise. What is it?"

    We're not saying this to bust your balls or give you a hard time, we are simply saying it's hard to diagnose problems without at least an attempted diagnosis from you.

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