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Thread: TD04L-13T machined to suit plus 19T upgrade

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    TD04L-13T machined to suit plus 19T upgrade

    Hey All,

    I've been doing alot of reading and enquiry into upgrading my stock 9b turbos.

    So last year i bit the bullet and managed to find some used WRX TD04L-13T turbos at a great price. (paid about $120 for both)

    I also went and bought TD04-19T compressor housings and billet compressor wheels from Kinugawa.

    Here is what i am lead to believe that i can do to fit the 13T's with the larger 19T wheel to my 6g72TT motor.

    • Machine the stock TD04-9B turbine housing to allow it to fit the 13T turbine wheel.
    • Machine the compressor side of the 13T centre cartridge to allow the fit of the 19T compressor wheel
    • Purchase 2 turbo rebuild kits to replace seals etc...

    Is the TD04-13T shaft long enough to put the 19T compressor wheel on?
    I trial fitted and it looked like it was too short as did not leave much thread to affix the compressor nut.

    It looks as if i need to have some clearance of the compressor wheel and CHRA compressor side face. Sound right?
    The face of the centre cartridge has a measurement of 56.50mm which is a 1.4mm clearance.

    Do i need to allow that same clearance when machining the face of the 13T centre cartidge?

    2mm size difference between the 13T and 19T compressor wheel (55.90mm for 13T versus 57.90mm for the 19T)

    Does anyone know what the measurement i need to give my machinist for the turbine side to fit the 9b turbine housing with the 13T turbine wheel?

    Anyone who has done this conversion please chime in.

    I have taken measurements of the 13T's and the 19T's photos attached.

    Most of my reference data has been taken from stealth316 site. Really be stuffed without that bible of info!

    13876303_10153934986937746_2566467168152541606_n (1).jpg13920620_10153934986877746_9079425692159838720_n (1).jpg13907121_10153934986972746_355733237797609237_n (1).jpg
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    More reading

    TD04L-13T turbine wheel has same inducer diameter (1.86 inches) as the 9b inducer diameter
    The exducer diameter is different with 13T being 1.62 inches and the 9b being 1.57 inches.

    This means i only need to have 0.05 inches machined out of the 9b turbine housing to fit the 13T turbine wheel!

    Local machinist can do this for me no problems.

    Just need to confirm the fit of the 19t compressor wheel to the compressor side 13t centre cartridge as above
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    It's not that simple... Your best bet is to hand the machinist one of the WRX hotsides, and tell him to make the 3S hotside match. You need to machine the bore diameter, the radius, and the CRHA mating flange pilot area.(unless you are working with 2nd gen 3S 9B's, then pilot should be the same)

    And yes, I usually increase the relief in the CRHA by the same diameter as the change I'm making in the compressor wheel.

    Once you get done with all the machine work you need to find a turbo shop that can balance everything for you...

    Real Performance Automotive (541)816-4500

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    Good advice RealMcCoy.

    There is a place that does rebuilds and balancing. I'll get a quote from them to balanced.
    Machining they probably can do also so may also have them do that too.

    I have 1st gen GTO 9B turbos so i most certainly will need the mating flange bored as with the other parts of the turbine housing machined as you say.



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