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Thread: Help me narrow down..

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    Help me narrow down..

    Why my car wanders and vibrates.

    Ok, so I'll list the symptoms and what I've looked into;

    # Loose feel, car wanders and tend to not track straight
    # Need to correct and adjust steering while in a smooth curve (ie the car suddenly steers more into the corner, or lets go out towards the center).
    # Vibrates, especially noticeable from 50 and up. Varies A LOT in intensity, sometimes it's a mild shake, other times the entire car feels like it's about to implode.
    # At times I get a weird pulse in the steering wheel, like someone is yanking it 10-15 degrees to the left every second. ALWAYS to the left, and always coupled with heavy vibrations.

    So, this is what I've done and looked into so far;
    # Replaced pads and rotors
    # Disconnected the driveshaft, essentialy leaving me with fwd (did it on a lift)
    # Replaced front right driveshaft (as it's easy and quick to do)
    # New balljoints for both front control arms
    # New outer tie rods
    # 4-wheel alignment TWICE
    # Balanced wheels/tires xxTimes, even swapped them out for a different set
    # Replaced motor mounts
    # Measured backlash in rear diff at the companion flange (was and still is out of spec @ 10mm, but should not contribute to these issues)
    # Confirmed that I need new struts and springs, my car looks lowered even with OEM springs. Struts not as rigid as the should be.
    # Confirmed that my front left CV boot is torn. No noise from joint when on full steering lock however
    # Replaced both front hub&bearings
    # Confirmed that my front brakes are dragging just a little (ordered caliper rebuild kits)
    # Observed a little play (right to left movement) in the rear-facing front control arm bushings. Both sides moves about the same though.
    # Checked inner tie rods for play, there were none.
    # Replaced left rear wheel bearing and shaft as it was bad.
    # Confirmed Tq numers for all subframe nuts and bolts.

    I think that was it from the top of my head, if you see something on this list that could cause this (like light brake drag or CV joint etc) then PLEASE speak up. Also would be cool if you could give me more suggestions as to what could cause this and stuff I need to look into.

    As my friend said, "look on the bright side man, with all this going on it's IMPOSSIBLE to fall asleep behind the wheel. You have to constantly adjust or correct steering, and it shakes like a !#%!&///. Funny car, glad it aint mine. Good luck bud!".

    Yeah, I'm just not enjoying driving this as much as I used to. It's a 3/S for god's sake, it's supposed to be exciting! I have 3 3/S's and this is the only car that behaves this way. Unfortunately it's also my DD so I need to fix this before I set it on fire.

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    Replace the front left halfshaft so you can drive the car and not destroy it more. Replace the control arm bushings. Replace the struts and the upper strut mounts.

    The shaking is, I'm 90% sure, the loose lower control arm bushings. If it's not that, the struts and mounts are the issue. That will fix the wobbling and weird tracking mostly. Some of the tracking issues may be tires, but the vibration is ikely not after balancing them. Before you replace anything, fix the damn boot bro, you're just gonna get dirt in there and f' it up.
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