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Thread: oohnoo - SSl Fuel Lines / Fuel Rails / Etc....

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    oohnoo - SSl Fuel Lines / Fuel Rails / Etc....

    FYI....I only have TWO if these kits left. One is already fabbed up with Black fittings> Get yours now as I'm not sure I"ll be making these again unless the demand is there

    Been putting this off for too long. If you've been following my thread you know all about it. I have been running this setup now for about a year without any issues. Get rid of those ugly braided fuel lines and have a custom clean look no one else has.

    As you can see from the pics I've now moved the fuel pressure gauge from the end of the FPR to the end of the fuel rail. It was right up against the cold pipe and this new position offers a much better view of the gauge itself while adding extra clearance to the cold pipe and fpr. No worries now.

    Even though it's not 100% complete I'd figure I'd put this out there to get an idea of who would like a set. This way I can get an get all my materials ordered.

    What I'm offering are Custom Stainless Steel Tubing feed lines, Custom FPR Bracket and Custom Fuel Rails. What you will also need are all the EARLS fittings and a feed hose from your fuel filter to the y-block. While I can source those parts for you I would have to add a surcharge to it. I'll list some pricing so everyone gets an idea as there many options available. I'm sure I'm missing something here but we'll just start with this.

    Please remember that the Stainless Steel Tubing is all custom made by hand and test fitted on each and every setup as fitment is critical. I have sourced a bunch of different fuel rails so this can be had by anyone, so please ask first if I have your rail setup available. Each setup will take time to complete as it's not something I stock on the shelves. I figure one set per week to start till I can get the swing of things.

    Sorry for the price adjustment but these are talking alot longer to make than I originally thought. Anyone already in the list I will honor the old pricing.
    Kit #1 - Custom Fuel Rails (Clear Anodized) w/steel -6an adapters - $175
    Kit #2 - Custom FPR Bracket (Fuelab Only!) - $46
    Kit #3 - Custom Fuel Rails, Custom SS Tubing, FPR Bracket - Sourcing your own Fuelab FPR and EARL fittings - $431
    Kit #4 - Custom SS Tubing, FPR Bracket - For your existing custom Fuel Rails (EK2, etc) Sourcing your own Fuelab FPR and EARL fittings - $266

    Option 1: All fittings from Y-Block (-6an feed adapter at y-block and -4an return (oem) - (Blue Fittings $243) (Black $257)
    Option 2: All fittings from Y-Block -8an feed adapter at y-block and -6an return - (Blue Fittings $220) (Black $234)
    Option 3: -6an Braided Hose to oem filter w/adapter to oem filter
    Option 4: -6an Braided Hose to -6an Fuelab fuel filter w/adapters to oem fuel line
    Option 5: -8an Braided Hose to -8an Fuelab fuel filter (no options for tank to filter) $115
    Option 6: -8an Braided Hose to -8an Fuelab fuel filter w/ adapters to oem fuel line - Hose $115 / Adapters and Bracket - $57
    Option 7: Fuelab Fuel Pressure Regulator - $135.41 - COLOR?
    Option 8: Fuelab Fuel Filter -6an 10 Micron Fabric - $81.50 - COLOR?
    Option 9: Fuelab Fuel Filter -6an 40 Micron Stainless - $112.88 - COLOR?

    Anyone wanting full kits I'm going to have to ask for a $100 deposit. Payable to (
    What I need to know is how much of a full kit you want?

    Then I would need to know what kind of hose you want..Stainless or Black Woven....Think I also might just go with Kevlar Braided Teflon lined hose and be done with it. Cost a little more but you'll never have to worry about E-85 fuel or fuel vapors leaching from the hose. AND I will probably will only be fabbing one end on the hose. This is because everyone has different sets and would be routing the hose a little different. It' s easy to put the end on. I'll post up some how-to video's I've found on Youtube.

    UPDATE: People have asked if I can get the adapters in Black and the answer is Yes. So now you have a choice of all the adapters in EARLS Blue or Black. I'm sure other manufactors have them also but I only use EARLS. I think there's only two adapters I use on the return and those are XRP's as Earl don't make the ones I need.
    Only other issue is the Magnafuel Y-Block only comes in Blue. So please when specifing your kit please add the color choice of adapters...BLUE or BLACK.

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    It sure is a beautiful setup. To bad I can't afford one now.

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    Love mine and Mike loves his. I think it is worth every penny.
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    I know this is from 2010 but I'm interested in a kit.

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