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Thread: Sports fans out there

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    Sports fans out there

    I know there have to be some sports fans out there. What sport and favorite team do you have? Do you prefer college or pro sports? I know the season is just getting underway for football but people still love to say who they think will tear it up this season.

    Personally when it comes to basketball I am more of an old school Bulls fan with Jordan, Pippin and the lot. Just takes me back to a better time when it was more about the game than about the bling lol. If you go by today's teams I'd probably go with the them or hate them they are the team to beat.

    Football I was never the biggest fan of but I guess when it comes down to it I'd have to say USC for college and the 49ers when it comes to pro. I am from Cali so I just relate better to those 2 teams I guess.

    Baseball I haven't really been into in a very long time but I guess I'd have to stand by the Dodgers. Yes another Cali team I know but being around the colors and fans for so long tends to rub off on a person.

    Anybody else? Nascar or any other kind of race fans?

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    Hockey. That's about all I watch. I'll sit through a football game, but I won't actively look for it on TV. No baseball or basketball for me, and no college level sports (unless it's hockey) And as for what team, I have to root for my home town team ->

    Atlanta Thrashers.

    My wife and I have been season ticket holders for a couple of seasons now, and prior to that we have been going to a fair amount of games since 2003. There is no other sport that compares to it for non-stop action, IMO.
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