Hello all,

I'm just gauging interest for a group buy on TD04 FMIC setups.

I will be offering several different options for pipe/core size, and coupler color.

Prices will range from 400-500 depending on core size and pipe size options chosen. Shipping extra.

Hot side piping sizes:
2 inch
2 1/4 inch

Cold Side:
2 1/2
(other available w/special order)

Core Sizes (overall) Bar & Plate Design:
29"x9"x3", 3"

Silicone Coupler colors:

T-bolts standard for all connectors

I have one prototype I made using 2 inch hotside and then 2 1/2 cold side piping, and the smaller 28x7.5x2.5 core.

I've ordered parts to make another one using 2 inch hotside and 3 inch cold side with the 31x12x3. I will take pictures once I have it fitted on the car again.

Here's the smaller 2.5 setup with the small core that allows you to keep your crashbar. the rest of the hotside was still on the car but this is the only picture I have so far. Again I'll update with more pics once I get the rest of the pipes to mock up the bigger pipe setup

Ignore the black hoses, that was the prototype I made to figure out the configuration for the front turbo hot side pipe.

I will be offering the 2 inch hotside w/3inch cold side and 31x12x3 core for an intro rate of 450 if we get 5 people signed up. After that pricing for that kit will go up to 500.

If you want a different setup, let me know and I'll get the kit together and get you pricing.