1997 MITSUBISHI 3000GT VR4 - "starquest"
Owner starquest

Vehicle 1997 MITSUBISHI 3000GT VR4
Engine Type 3.0 V6 Twin Turbo
Vehicle Class Grand Tourer
Color pearl Black
Updated 01-27-2018 06:29 AM
Mileage 154,000 Miles
Price $27,000.00 USD
Purchase Date 02-24-2000
Total Views 1083

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I had this car since in 2000,, it had about 32k on it when I purchased it in Miami. I just wanted to keep it clean and stock,,, one day a Mercedes 500 SL raced me , it gave me hell. Since that day it was time to modify the VR4. Its not a dyno queen, I'm pushing it every 4 months or so @ the track or on the street. I did 99% of the work on my car. At this moment im putting out 626 Whp @ 25/24 lbs boost. Killing corvettes at the track. My best time is 11.5 @ 124 mph(not a clean run) My goal is 10s with full interior

TURBO - Evo3-16G turbos (stage 1 billet) mid west connection. 3sx TD05 manifold with turbo smart external wastegate. Fmic, I made my own intercooler piping.

FUEL- fuel system E85 ready, 1200cc pte injectors,-8an feed line, splitting to each rail -6, 6an return, Automotive fuel regulator, Walbro 450 fuel pump (hot wired)

DRIVE TRAIN- carbon fiber drive shaft( partial),tranny bell housing brace. spec clutch 4➕ , fidenza flywheel

ENGINE- crower rods, 92mm wiesco forged piston, port nd polished heads ➕ 1mm bigger valves, modified oil pan.

IGNITION- HKS twin power ignition, ngk plug wires

WHEELS/SUSPENSION- Gram lights 57pros wheels 18x9 , tires 275/35-18, Megan racing coilovers, stillen cross drill rotors

BODY PARTS-pit road M carbon fiber hood, I made my own front splitter, still original paint

ELECTRONIC- chrome ECU, 3.75 maf, maf translator, boost gauge, wide band gauge.

EXHAUST-3sx down pipe, bolra exhaust with modify tip. no cats

I will be turning up the boost to like 32lbs on my next track run
Ps: I have meth injection hook up. (Cooling mist)
That was old. I'm on E85 now,, leave timing, tune a few things turn up da boost !!

User Posted Date Comments
Modified the 97 bumper ,, removed the middle support. Came out ok..
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