1995 MITSUBISHI 3000GT VR4 - "Sayuri"
Owner EmeraldRegice

Vehicle 1995 MITSUBISHI 3000GT VR4
Engine Type 3.0L V6 DOHC
Vehicle Class Sports
Color Black
Updated 12-27-2020 11:44 AM
Mileage 136,136 Miles
Price $11,000.00 USD
Purchase Date 03-26-2016
URL https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=82lZlYLzuZQ
Total Views 905

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This is my first vr-4, and with a few minor changes, it will be the perfect dream car!

Build List:
Machined and micro polished crank
Crower Rods
Wiseco Pistons w/ relief cuts
Federal Mogul Rings
Bored, honed and polished block (.030)

3KGT Motorsports Stage III w/1mm oversized Ferra Valves
5 Angle valve job, full port and polish
99 Lifters
IPS Steet Cams (272) w/high rev spring and titanium retainers
VSS done about 5k miles ago

IPS TDO5 ceramic coated manifolds
MHI EVO III 16G turbos
Custom AAM front mount intercooler w/ piping
Custom AAM dual intake piping
Custom AAM dual APEXi’ N1 exhaust system
HKS Dual Intakes w/ filters
Dual HKS SSQV blow off valves
3SX Performance Lightened flywheel pulley
IPS Oil Cooler (Setrab)

Magnecor 8.5mm plug wires
HKS Twin Power DLI (bad)
New coil pack

PTE 780cc Fuel injectors
Denso Supra Pump
Kenne Belle BAP

AEM Engine Management System
AEM 3.5 Bar MAP Sensor
AEM Single Channel UEGO Wideband O2 Sensor
GM IAT Sensor
AEM Serial Gauge (Set to display coolant temp or Wideband readings)
AEM Electronic Fuel Pressure Gauge
AEM Electronic Oil Pressure Gauge
Apexi EL2 Kpa Boost Gauge
Apexi EL2 EGT Gauge (Rear bank)
Apexi EL2 Controller Unit
Full Indigo 6 color stock gauge replacement
HKS EVC IV Boost Controller
Viper 550 ESP alarm system
PIIA 1100 Series Fog Lights
PIAA 9000 Series Headlights w/HID Relay System
Blitz Dual TT DC II Turbo Timer

Kormex 6 speed transmission
ACPT carbon fiber drive shaft (one piece)
3KGT short shifter
Stillen Motorsports brake rotors on rear
Eibach Ground Control Lowering System
19 x 8.5 SSR GT-7 wheels
Nitto 555 245/35/zr19 tires
3sx rear adjustable control arms
New front strut mounts (not installed)

99 front-end conversion
99 headlights
99 turn signals

Nitrous Express Wet Nitrous system (Disconnected at this time)
Nitrous Express purge valve, bottle warmer, remote bottle opener
Sony CD/mp3 unit with USB, Ipod sync and audio input
10" Fosgate woofer, Polk audio speakers
Two Sony amps
120k service done at 110k

HKB Open Ended steering wheel
Black/Blue shift knob
Blue Neon skull floor mats
Solid aluminum pistol grip shift knob
Black/blue door insert covers

Car Of The Month 3sgto 2016
Gary's Classic Car Friday's near L.A., CA July 2016 Vetran's Choice Winner

I have like 8 years at least worth of receipts on the vehicle, which certainly is being added to. Receipts date back to 2001 of November. It's name is Sayuri. She came with 11 different user manuals and installation/user guides for all the AEM and turbo electronics installed on the vehicle. She also came with the user manual. I have confirmed a final name for this "Black Dragon" and Sayuri looks to be it!

I have since owning it, installed a black with blue stitching shift boot, and skull pedals. I have a new shift knob put on, and an open ended steering wheel. Door insert covers and floor mats. New black gauge faces are going to be installed once I can get ahold of some that I like. I do not have pictures to all of these that are installed yet.

So I had taken an hour train ride, and 2 buses, across 4 different states and 16 hours of traveling to get to it. Just to look at it. The second bus I was to take to it broke down kinda, they couldn't get the inside lights to turn off so we had to swap to a new bus, delaying the traveling time to 16 hours total. This happened at 2:40AM and what fun it was to live overnight on a Baron's Bus (decently comfortable) and a greyhound bus for the first time, which was nothing compared to the amenities to the Baron's. I got to WV and a few hours later made the purchase and filled out the paperwork needed to get it done. Then a one way permit and took it home.

What I have done for the vehicle as the owner since I purchased it, is listed below, finding a place to tune it when I can. CAR TITLE IS MINE MINE MINE!!!!! I OWN THE TITLE !!! SUCK ON THAT!!!!!

User Posted Date Comments
Looks great! Great looking first VR-4
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