1991 DODGE STEALTH RT Twin Turbo - "Jackstand Whore"
Owner sergechronos

Vehicle 1991 DODGE STEALTH RT Twin Turbo
Engine Type 6 Cylinder Twin Turbo
Vehicle Class
Color Black..ish
Updated 10-31-2014 10:41 PM
Mileage 173,000 Miles
Price $5,000.00 USD
Purchase Date 06-01-2011
URL http://www.3sgto.org/turbo-engines-s...t-rebuild.html
Total Views 421

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Traded a cherry 94 Wrangler for the car in the summer of 2011 because I'd always wanted a 3S...I should've been more selective. I've managed about 3-5 thousand miles in 3 years, it sat at a dealer's lot in WV for 6 months waiting for a transfer case recall to be done after I had my seize on the highway. After that it started making noise in the head from a piece of metal stripped out of a camshaft. The eventually turned into a budget rebuild, and now I've semi-discarded the budget process and am going forged internals, TD05 and the works. The goal is to upgrade the car to a modern GT car, with better sound deadening and comfortable cruising that is still equally capable of taking on the twisties. Ideally I'm shooting for 500awhp on 14Bs and E85 to start with.

I have about $7000 into the rebuild at this point, but still haven't quite gotten it wrapped up yet (although I do have most of the pieces.) I have stretched that budget out (and can be followed in my build thread) into:
Extra 4 bolt engine
Completely rebuilt heads with a minor port and polish
Forged Internals
Complete TD05 set up with external WGs
Tan interior (in place of the porno red)
Complete 97 body swap
New trans and transfer case (awaiting rebuild at Ninja)
New clutch, PP, flywheel, TOB
Braided every line for the turbos
Muellerized JIC coil overs
Bob's Sexy Sexy Fuel rail/AFPR set up
Aasco Evo Twin Disc Flywheel
AEM EMS Series 2

Suffice to say, the budget concept has gone out the window at this point though. Currently the car is back on jackstands as I am doing rust removal and prepping all of the suspension and underbody for a new coating of a Masterseries coating, and new poly bushings all the way around (for which I'm still trying to source the rear subframe ones.) AWS and ABS delete are coming, as are adjustable camber arms. The transmission is at Ninja awaiting tear down and rebuild, as well as the installation of a SCE center diff.

The car has only been off jackstands for a period of about 48 hours in the last 18 months when I moved and trailered the car to the new house. Even then, she hasn't moved under her own power since around May of 2012. Hopefully I'll be getting it all wrapped up and able to make BRG2015 with her.
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