1994 MITSUBISHI 3000GT VR4 - "Jeremy Ferranti (AKA J. Fast) VR-4 #3"
Owner J. Fast

Vehicle 1994 MITSUBISHI 3000GT VR4
Engine Type 3.0 V6 Twin Turbo
Vehicle Class Grand Tourer
Color Caracas Red
Updated 02-20-2014 04:33 PM
Mileage 0 Miles
Price $50,000.00 USD
Purchase Date 08-01-2006
Total Views 3423

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I stripped this vehicle down to bare chassi and removed and reinstalled every panel, wire, module, nut and bolt. I learned a lot about the design and engineering involved with building a 3/S which was really cool. It was my intent when putting it back together to make future service and repairs much easier. A lot of time, money, effort, and energy was involved in the process. It's taken many years of trial and error to get it this far.

This, my toy, has several different looks and can be transformed within a few hours time to a race ready beast. I've custom built a removable 8-point bolt in cage with swing-out bars, modified the exterior panel pickup points for several variations of body panels, and modified/relocated the lower cross-member and engine stay supports for optimal drivetrain angle and roll centers. I've tuft wool tested all exterior panels and aerodynamic appointments to this vehicle and spent a lot of time manipulating the weight distribution to optimize the suspension and effective grip.

The fuel, cooling, and oiling heat exchange systems have been substantially upgraded and relocated to what I feel are more ideal locations and suitable levels given the modifications under the hood. For every little performance part there's an even smaller performance improvement supporting it on a micro level.

The vehicle has several different suspensions specifically engineered for specific tires, alignments, and aerodynamic applications based on where I want to drive. I basically bolt on what "look" I want, select a driving condition and fit a tire, brake, and suspension for the setup. I go with the flow for a little while and then change it up.

This vehicle is a mod feeder for performance enhancements on my other two 3000gt VR-4's. I basically buy something, bolt it on and if I like it I feed it onto my other vehicles.

I've put over 90,000 miles on it since completely overhauling the engine in 2008. I stripped the motor down this this past year to examine the condition of the engine, it's like it was the day I built it. The bearings look brand new.

The list of modifications is quite endless so the larger items are listed. Please feel free to ask me questions regarding my setup. I'll gladly explain how and why certain mods came to be. One quick fun fact, this is the first 3/S in the United Stated to be reclassified and Re-Titled as an Alternative Fuel Vehicle AFV.

Brian Crower Racing Valve Guides
Pocket Port and Polish OEM Heads
Unorthodox Racing Cam Gears
Stock Cams
Original Unorthodox Racing Under-drive Pulley Conversion
3.1L Wiseco Piston/ Pauter Rod Rotating Assembly
Nitride Coated Forged Crank
ARP Rod Bolts
ARP Main Studs
OEM Head Studs
MLS Head Gasket
TOGA Engine Bearings
TOGA High Pressure Oil Pump
C&R NASCAR Oil Cooler With Manual Pressure Valve
Ishihara-Johnson Windage Tray
FlowKool Billet Water Pump Impeller
3.5" Fluidyne Systems NASCAR Radiator
Circuit Motorsports Coolant Swirl Tank w/Auxillary Surge
Kamak Billet 20g's / STS Turbine
Pirtek Custom Oil Feeds and Drains
Exhaust V-Band Conversion
Custom Modified ETS Intercooler Charge Piping
Treadstone Performance 4.5" FMIC
Full Authentic Tanabe JDM Exhaust

Tuning and Fuel:
AEM EMS Series I
AEM Dual Channel UEGO with dual NTK sensors
FIC 1150cc Fuel Injectors
Greddy Profec EBC with Halman ProRX Manual Stabilizer
Grahm Goode Fuel Cooler with Cavitation Chamber
Jackhammer Dual Fuel Pump Assembly / Walbro 400's
Aeromotive FPR and Custom Fuel Lines
Aeromotive Electric Fuel Pump Speed Controller
HKS DLI Hotwired

Brakes, Suspension and Drivetrain:
Aluminum Sub-frame Bushings
Fastt Motorsports T-Case Breather Extension
Transmission High Capacity Mod w/Expansion Breather
Merkel Bell Housing Brace
ACPT Carbon Fiber Driveshaft
JRZ Triple Adjustable Race Coilovers: Version Evo7
Supercar Engineering Evo Suspension Adapters
AP Racing STILLEN Formula Big Brake Kit
Goodridge Stainless Brake Line Conversion
Hawk Performance DT70 Brake Pads
STILLEN Rear Rotor Upgrade with AKEBONO Brake Pads
Fastt Motorsports Bump Steer Kit
275/30/18 BFG R1 Road Race Tires mounted on Rota Grids

Kirkey Road Race Seats
Fastt Motorsports Removable Cage
Momo Steering Wheel
Taylor Battery Relocate
Greddy Remote Switching Assembly for Tuning Presets

Carbon Fiber Esprit 262 JDM Wing
C7 Carbon Carbon Fiber Widebody
99 Front End Conversion
Cianci Novarra Front Bumper
Alumilite Undertray

533ft/lbs Torque 569hp Uncorrected at 8600ft D.A.
(666 ft/lbs Torque and 711hp at 27psi SAE Corrected)

Thanks for checking out my ride!
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