Owner Polygon

Engine Type 4 Cylinder Forced Induction
Vehicle Class Grand Tourer
Color Blue Blood Red
Updated 03-01-2011 07:12 PM
Mileage 79,000 Miles
Price $600.00 USD
Purchase Date 06-11-2004
URL http://www.cardomain.com/ride/2949148
Total Views 240

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This is my LeBaron GTC. It's a little known car. There are a lot of LeBarons, but not many like this. There are only 1,033 to be exact. Some of you might be more familiar with it's Dodge clone, the Shelby Daytona. They came with a better suspension and brakes They were turbo-charged and intercooled and they only came with a Getrag manuals trans. From the factory they put down 174 HP and 210 ft/lbs of torque. Stock I was able to pull a 14.8 1/4 mile @ 98 MPH at about 4,000 feet.

Not bad for a car from the 80s.

This car has had a TON of work done to it. So far it's had a lot of body and paint work done. It has a full 3" exhaust. It also has a 4 puck clutch. Is has Koni Reds with the Eibach Pro Kit. Poly bushings and mounts all around. An front strut tower bar with an adjustable track bar. I bent up all new hard lines for the brakes with SS flex lines. It has Hawk HPS pads on it now. This summer it will be getting Carbotech pads all around. It has new wheels and tires as well. All the metal on the underside has been powder coated. So far I haven't touched the engine as the car runs strong and the suspension and brakes were shot along with a lot of body cancer I decided to focus on those first. Next up is the interior which was this ugly ass brown. It's getting replaced with a dual tone interior of gray/black with suede and leather. There will be no more visible plastic. When the car is done everything save for most of the sheet metal will have been replaced.

Next year when I start on the engine it will be pulled from the car. The trans will be rebuilt with the Quafie LSD I have sitting in my work room. The engine will be rebuilt and balanced and blueprinted. Forged rads will be added to the forged crank. I'll be replacing the turbo with a Garrett GT3076R with all the air and fuel modifications I need to run 350 HP to the wheels.

These are the most recent pics I have. To see all the pics, over 150, of all the work I've done so far and look at what the car looked like when I started click the URL for my CarDomain page.
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