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Fateful Day

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Woo. Trying this new feature out. I started out loving cars when I was young, thanks to my family. I ended up not getting my license until I was 18, but I ended up buying a pretty decent (or so I thought) MkIII N/A Supra:

I held onto that for about a year, and decided it was too rusty and smoky, so I started shopping around. I found a 97 VR-4 for $3500 (scam, lol) and caught the 3S bug. I ended up picking up a '94 3000GT VR-4 a few weeks later. Pretty good shape cosmetically, and decent enough mechanically. Pics from the day I brought her home:

Yep, the previous owner stuck some sweet gold/black numbers on the ashtray to remind them what the shift pattern was because the crappy aftermarket shift knob had no pattern on it.

I caught the bug, and went from having money to spare to having a money pit.

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Updated 09-11-2010 at 02:26 AM by DocWalt

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  1. n2nsanity's Avatar
    just awesome lol, 1st i've ever seen that
    most shifters just kind of make sense
    shouldn't need numbers or letters on the knobs to start with
  2. DocWalt's Avatar
    Yeah, it was super serial... lols
  3. Disrupter's Avatar
    "and went from having money to spare to having a money pit."..... The story of our lives...
  4. Vince86's Avatar
    What did she run ya? seems like a good deal depending.
  5. DocWalt's Avatar
    8k + taxes. Not too bad, considering it's a really solid car, and has been reliable. With another 3k worth of parts into her, lmao.
  6. Vince86's Avatar
    HAHA the parts never stop... 8k is a good price for a 2g how many miles?
  7. DocWalt's Avatar
    When I got her 134k. I'm at very nearly 154k. Almost two years. Just over 10k per year, not too bad for a DD
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