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tt converted es rebuilt engine smoking out of ideas

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Ok so i recently rebuilt my engine due to a bad rod bearing, iv got it back together but when i rev the engine it smokes, it has new mitsu oil pump, sealed power rings, new rod and main bearings, new crank, rods and pistons. set of slightly used reman ported and polished heads. The motor sounds great but if you rev it to about 2000 to 2500 it smokes like a freight train and im out of ideas, it seems to be the rear bank as i found black sludgy oil in the dp, and very little in the intercooler pipes, But iv pulled the plugs on all cylinders and can see a glossy film of oil on the pistons. So far i have tried using the air intake off of a dohc to bypass intercoolers and turbos, no change did find a little oil comming out of the rear valve cover air bleed line installed a catch can problem solved, replace, the turbo from the rear with two others i have layin around did seam to help not as much smoke, i have a rebuild kit in the mail just waiting. The real killer here is if the dp is off virtually no smoke, reinstall there is smoke and it smoked ounce with it off out of the ten times i done it seems to be the rear bank. compression tested i have all cylinders within 2lbs of 150 psi across the board. The oil rings were all put in 180 degrees aparts with the center 90 apart from top or bottom rings as per instructions. There was an oil film all through the intake iv cleaned and since and installed the na air intake. the motor has like 1 mile and 1 hours worth of run time. and another question my oil pressure ranges from 14 to 80, 80 on intiall start up 14 at idle and around 40 at 2000 is this normal. Iv done everything i can think so. My questions r on oil pressure, what other people think the smoking it is, possible to have to much pressure in rear oil feed line oh and no the return line is not clogged, i changed it from the an line to see if thats what it was and flushed it, i can typically figure anything mechanical out but iv been workin on it for a month with no solid answer maybe the valve stem seals dryed, i have another set im thinking real hard about changing them for shits and giggles. any help would be greatly appreaciated.

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