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ECS Coil-over Suspension MOD (part 2 of 3)

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Installing the front Ground Control sleeve kit to the struts.

Place the front threaded collars on the perch with one of the 1-1/2" x 5" rubber strips between the strut housing and collar; be sure that none of the rubber strip finds it's way underneath the collar.

Now while pulling on the remaining rubber cut it right at the top of the threaded collar, after it is cut it should retract right into the collar like so:

The rubber will assure that the threaded collar will not rattle against the strut housing.

Now place a bearing washer on the adjustable spring perch:

Then the thrust bearing:

Finally another bearing washer:

This will prevent binding of the springs; this will be done on all four struts.

Now replace the strut caps that were removed earlier. Remember, do not go "full retard" with the force used. Then place the bump stops over the caps. A bit of spit makes sliding the bump stop much easier.

Now place the two washers that came with the Ground Control kit and two of the SAE I.D. 9/16" washers and one I.D. 5/8" split washer over the end of the strut-rod. This is needed because the Tein pillow mounts are not as thick as the OEM strut mount; these are used to make up that difference.

The other option would be extend the threads on the strut rod and eliminate the extra washers; time was not on my side so this is the route I went.

Now place the Tein pillow mount kit on the strut assembly. The order is: First the collar, then the strut plate, then the strut rod nut. Carefully start this by hand to assure no cross threading.

After you have tightened the strut nut as tight as you can by hand you can, torque the nut to 56 ft-lb (78 Nm) per the service manual. You will have to use a pair of slip-joint pliers to keep the strut rod from spinning. If you do this at the highest point of the strut rod you can be assured that the "chew marks" left will not affect the seal of the strut;the bump stop will prevent that part of the strut rod from entering the strut housing.

You might use some of the inner-tube wrapped around the strut rod to prevent marring of the strut rod. This completes the front struts for installation on the car. You may have to raise the gold adjustable collar up high enough to allow for tire clearance.

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