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so i can link this to people... these are the pertinent mods

1994 3000gt VR-4

bottom end:
6G74 block
6G75 crank
oliver rods (from pampena)
94mm ross pistons (from pampena)
thick wrist pins (from pampena)
clevite bearings

short-block was assembled and balanced at Merkle/Pampena's

top end:
DR stage 3 heads
- Double beehive springs
- +1mm oversized valves
- Lots of porting and polishing
- Rays headlift fix
- Webcam 272 cams (I believe same thing as DR street grinds)

dual td05 20g's... td05 hotsides, td06 compressors
3sx td05 manifolds
Dual 38mm Tial wastegates

1200cc injectors
Custom made dual fuel rail setup (2 in, 2 out)
Aeromotive AFPR
Dual in-tank Aeromotive Stealth 340LPH fuel pumps

Tien HA coilovers (old school - before the flex)
18x9.5 Moda's
Stillen drilled rotors
Hawk HPS pads

rays bell housing brace
billet shift forks
upgraded output shaft (sadly idk what brand...)
LSD (quaife i think...)

my doubts with the trans are because i bought it from gene years ago before his reputation went to crap, and ray told me the output shaft was not 300M as i was told, so i have my doubts on the LSD as well.

stock driveshaft
stock transfer case
stock radiator and fans

has heat, ac, and powersteering. a STREET car with lots of power

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