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Diguised Blessing

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I ve wanted a 3000gt for quite sometime but never really got around to getting one. A friend gave me his 1997 mustang ( A/T V6 ). it was a frees car so really no complaints. The interior was pretty good but the paint job was horrid. I had the car for alomst 3 years. I had nothing but problems with it but it ran enought to take me to work and back. With being married with 3 kids, i made sure the wife had the good car ( suv ) so i know they would be safe and i would be able to handle thigs with me if anything happened. Well, something finally happened. I have never been in a car accident ever. A truck decides to slam his brakes in the middle of traffic because he dropped his cell phone. It was raining bad...when i hit my brakes i slid into him and another car hit me as well. The guy infront of me took off like a bat outta hell, leaving me and this hott 26 year old ( chick, duh ) in the rain. We called the cops and told him everything. They got the guy in the end.
I was pissed because now i was out a car and i didnt want to use my wife's because she needed it for errands and school things for the children. Then it hit me, why not use the money and find a 3000gt. I only got 3200 for the stang and was worried that i wasnt going to find one much less in running condition for the price. Well, I DID. I was so happy. I test drove it, it ran great and it looked great for the year despite normal wear and tear. It turns out to be a blessing in diguise. My wife still has her car and now i have something i can enjoy driving and have some fun with. I will fix it up so it can sound great and look nice (installing some pride in it ). Ill post pictures with the progress and im always open for any ideas that will help out. Keep in mind, i am not made of money so i wont be rushing out of the house to get a $5000 part until i win the

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