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Build thread - 2nd round

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Vehicle: 1992 Dodge Stealth RT/TT
Purchase date: 9/7/11
Project Statement:

This is a GT car and will remain a GT car. Plans are to keep it on TD04's. Running E-85 and keeping the budget low, the goal is to get into the 11's, while maintaining creature comforts, all while using E-85.

Modifications at purchase:
K&N drop in filter
Dual head unit
Active exhaust (mufflers) and main cat delete
"Free boost" mod
When I first got it.

Modifications added before Winter 2011:
Y-pipe stay bracket
Changed oil to good old Rotella T
Vacuum line delete
Boost Gauge
Manual Boost Controller
EGR Delete
Engine bay clean-up
Amsoil in transmission/t-case/rear end
25 spline output shaft replaced + 300M spool + E2k T-case brace

Before putting it away for winter. Legal tail lights, less stickers, cleaned up.

Current setup:
Updated parts list completely installed on car:
Quadco Output shaft spool
E2K t-case brace
Stainless clutch line from STM (master to slave)
Deautchwerks 1000cc Injectors
Deautchwerks 301 fuel pump
"Maximal Performance" Solid Motor Mounts
Fuel Lab "mini" regulator with gauge
5 bar Map sensor
E-bay 3" downpipe (non "F" style)
Rear 02 eliminator (e-bay)
AEM dual channel wideband controller with new widebands
New dash vents (cracked ones drive me nuts)
8mm NGK plug wires
NGK 4554 plugs
Russell AN6 Black Fuel filter
Teflon AN6 lines in engine bay and at tank
Aluminum shifter base bushings
Alpine Type S 6x9 rear speakers
2-5/8" Black face, Silver Ring Stewart Warner Performance Gauges:Oil pressure, Water Temp, Vac/Boost
Shifter bushings
"Seattle" bearing short shifter
Top to bottom intercooler (25x6x3.5" core, 1453cfm, 3" outlet, twin 2.5" inlets)
Mitsubishi Evo 9 BOV
2.25" Intercooler piping
3" Intercooler piping - Cold Side
3" Intakes
Oil Catch Can
GVR4 coolant overflow -just need a overflow cap
BigCranks mini battery
AEM EMS V1 (used/rebuilt)
Pioneer 6.5" TS-G1643R door speakers
Short antenna

Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Stealth Spring Build 2012 Assembled (6) small.JPG 
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Name:	Stealth Spring Build 2012 Assembled small1.jpg 
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Name:	Stealth Spring Build 2012 Assembled small.JPG 
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Currently installing this weekend:
Southbend Pressure plate
XTD Stage 3 sprung pucked clutch
New outer tie rod ends
New Bellows boots
Oil temp sender for SW Oil Temp Gauge - just have to drain oil and toss in adapter

On the list for this summer or later:
Fabricate cat-back exhaust
Ethanol Content Monitor/Display
Larger turbos?
New tires
Evo 8 Wheels
Secret sauce TD04's

Current update: Virtual Dyno graph above doesn't show it as much as another one I have (351hp/435tq), but the clutch is slipping bad. Pulled transmission tonight, found a Napa special clutch (LUK). Looks like flywheel step was off (to high) and the clutch was slipping. Shame as it is fairly new looking....looks like it will be part of a scrap run now.

Also picked up a HKS BOV to replace the leaking EVO VIII BOV. Haven't tested it, but if it holds more than 19psi I am golden as that is when the current BOV started to leak. Figure that plus clutch means I can maybe get 24spike out of the 9b's and maybe 17 to redline? We'll see after break-in.

Track date goal: June 22nd, MAP Proving Grounds, BIR, Brainerd, MN. Hopefully meet the stage 1 goal of 11's on 9b's, we'll see come June. If not, time to upgrade and go back to the track. Will have tires before going to the track (Kumho Ecsta XS's).

Photos are in chronological order.

**01/24/14 update

Motor let go at approx 156k miles in May of 2012. Car sat while preparing the house to sell and finally purchased a new house in June of 2013. Started acquiring parts for round 3
-Pampena Stage 3 motor with HD wrist pins
-Walbro 400 E85 pump

Looking to pull the motor out this spring to see what damage the 2 snapped rods caused (punched out both sides of the block). If the heads survived and budget allows; I may get it running in the fall of 2014. Otherwise as I want to upgrade to bigger turbo's, it may be the Spring of 2015.

Thinking a billet 20t 6+6 compressor 9blade TL exhaust combo at this point in time, may change.

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  1. Alex3000gt's Avatar
    I actually like the stripe on the side, matches the roof and offsets the white rims nicely.

    Nice car man.
  2. niterydr's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Alex3000gt
    I actually like the stripe on the side, matches the roof and offsets the white rims nicely.

    Nice car man.
    Thank you for your comment!
  3. Boost4VR4's Avatar
    Come to NG to race that thing... lol
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