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94 VR4 Build Thread

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I have this on a local forum, I thought I should post it here as well. This seems the best place to do it.

1994 3000GT VR-4

Last year at Shawano:

Current Mod list: as of 12/29

5Zigen FN0R1-C 18x8.5 +28


Billet oil pump gears

SAFC II A/F controller
Greddy PRofec Type-S ECBS
Ground wire kit

IPS Quad tip catback
DSM side mount intercoolers
K&N Air Intake

walbro 255 fuel pump
3sx hotwire kit
RC 550cc Injectors
AEM Adjustable FPR

"dgreen" Shifter Bushings


3SX poly motor mounts
3SX poly suspension bushings
Poly sway bar bushings

Eibach lowering springs (stock oem ecs struts)
3sx Rear adjustable control arms
3sx Front/Rear Strut bars


DBA 4000 Slotted Rotros (front) IPS slotted (rears)
Stoptech front/rear SS braided lines
Supercar Engineering caliper stiffening bolts
Carbotech AX6 pads


AC - done
AWS - need to do
Gutted rear interior

OEM replacements and Repairs:
Replacd Front drivers side CV joint was causing tons of vibration.
rear wheel bearing (whole hub) was completely shot
Replaced leaking stock radiator with Mishmoto aluminum radiator

__________________________________________________ _________________________________________

weight reduction Started @ 3780 lbs - Currently at 3520 lbs with an 1/8th tank of gas

Complete AC system ~ 40 pounds - done[/strike]
AC Cooling Unit (under the dash) ~ 8 pounds - working on
Rear wiper assem. and washer fluid reservoir ~ 5 pounds - done
Rear seat with both back rests ~ 26 pounds - working on
All rear interior including spare - done
Clutch assist vacuum chamber
aftermarket catback exhaust ?
extra catalytic converter shit
EGR delete
Front/Rear active aero

Aftermarket Seats - done
Diver Seat (57 pounds) swapped for Seat/bracket (29 pounds) ~ 28 lbs savings
Passenger Seat ~ 44 pounds swapped for Seat/bracket (29 pounds) ~ 15 lbs savings

Aluminum Drive Shaft ordered. Stock ~50 lbs, new one 26 lbs ~ 24 lb savings.

__________________________________________________ ______________________________________


Some recent pictures of the car. Props to Skyler for the detail, came out way better than I expected.

The new exhaust:

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