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time for a tune-up

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Cut new firewall insulator

While the engine is out

Sub frames before burning out bushings and powder coat

Rear Sub Frame Powder coated- gun Metal grey

Front Subframe Powder coated - Gun Metal Grey

Trailing arms, spindles, Control arms, AWS delete arms - Powder coated- candy metallic blue

Valve covers - powder coated- candy metallic blue

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  1. blackandblu's Avatar

    New wheels

    Intake upper, lower, Thermostat assy

    Q45 throttle body

  2. blackandblu's Avatar

    other parts

  3. blackandblu's Avatar
    starting build process

    99 front end conversion
    2nd rear bumper
    Engine bay stripped and painted
    Suspension and sub frames removed and powder coated
    all new poly bushings


    Kw Coilovers
    Saner front and rear sway bars - ultimate chrome powder coated
    Tein adjustable pillow mounts
    AWS delete arms - powder coated Candy blue sparkle
    Rear Upper Adjustable Control arms- powder coated candy blue sparkle
    Stop-tech 332 rotors/ st-40 calipers front - black
    2nd Gen rotors - Cryoed, zinc coated rotors- powder coated black
    all braided SS hoses
    Weds Sport 67 R wheels 9 x 18 front , 10 x 18 rear


    Stainless steel front and mid transfer case
    Pampena chromed Transmission case with Quaife front LSD and SCE center Differential and housing brace
    all axles re-worked


    Pampena 3.5 stroker
    PTE 5857's
    stage 3 heads with head lift fix
    5 x 26 x 13 FMIC
    PTE 1000cc injectors
    HKS ignition
    90 intake manifold- chromed
    90 throttle body- chromed
    Fuel rails with new ss lines from rear
    dual walbro fuel pumps in Jackhammer mount
    hot wire
    Updated 07-01-2011 at 09:02 PM by blackandblu
  4. n2nsanity's Avatar
    Wow! You got some serious bling
    Looking very promising so far. You doing all this yourself?
  5. spaceace60's Avatar
    yes the chrome looks awesome!! what kinda prices(if you don't mind me asking?) also your firewall(heatshield)looks like a roll of stuff I picked up the other day at home depot(put back) as the roll I looked at had almost a bubble wrap type center and I was concerned about it melting?? I think im going with a dynamat type material?? not sure does anyone know where to get a stock one?? thanks Jim
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