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And The Build Continues(Finally..)

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Now that decent weather has come back around, I've gotten to getting the engine/transmission/entire engine bay out of the old totaled car(refer to my other blog posts.)

We did it kind of red-neck, but it worked like a friggin' charm.




Like I said; A little redneck, but success! Haha.

Anyway, the build(mechanically) has advanced, also.
- New Long block(Upgrade from 2 bolt to 4 bolt from Spartan Engines(3 year/Unlimited mile warranty)
- A Pair of 15G Turbos
- 550CC Injectors
- Denso Fuel Pump
- MAFT Pro - All connections for Speed Density/Boost Controller/Etc.
- No name AFPR
- Glowshift Gauges(Boost/Oil Pressure/Water Temp)
- AEM UEGO Wideband

Unfortunately, the original deal I had with my painter fell through as he turned out to be nothing but an unreliable drunk. So, I'm currently looking for a new painter.

Thanks for reading guys, disassembly of the original engine has started(as the remanned long block is supposed to arrive on Wednesday,) today! I hate heat shields; They're a pain in the ass to get off, even with the engine out of the car!

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  1. terrets's Avatar
    Love the lift! I used a forklift to remove/put back my motor