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Complete 1 year restoration part II

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Ok engine time.... I decided to move front to back in my evaluation. The intercoolers didn't seem too bad, but because of the leaking axle the backs were covered with grease. I cleaned them up, but it just didn't sit well in my stomach, so I bought a new FMIC from PMP. The CXRacing cooler is the best for the money, not the best overall, but for $550, I was all over it. Plus, the piping makes the engine look better :-).

Next I went with the air intake, it had the HKS dual intake. The problems were, 1. it took up too much room in the bay, and 2. the filters needed to be replaced. That costs about $60, so I said screw it and was recommended an intake fro S&B. With the adapter it was $60, and it flowed better!

Next replace the battery, actually replaced the batter twice because after buying the intercooler I realized that a standard sized battery wasn't going to fit.

Next I decided to drain the coolant. WOW! This is what I found...

It seems it hadn't been changed in quite a while so things started to rust. I ran a flush twice and then put new coolant back in the system. I also replaced the radiator hoses and the heater hoses. Here is a pic I took, it's a little old, but you get the idea.

I then had one thing left to tranny was grinding into 3rd gear, it wasn't bad, but I like perfection, but with everything I was doing I didn't feel like dropping a few grand on a brand new and upgraded transmission....yet. So I bought one from a member and installed it. I'll say this...if you can have someone help you, it will make it much easier. I did not, so I did it by myself. But it worked! I changed out all the the fluid in the tranny, the t-case and the diff.

So at this point I was ready to go.......nope!!! I started my engine a the rear of the bay started smoking. Stopped and looked where the smoke was coming from...turbo? Ahh, don't get ahead! It was actually the rear manifold, yeah the iron one that should never leak. So I replaced that with a good used one from GZP. Started and engine stopped smoking. Started to rev the engine and everything worked great. Then the next day...smoke again! Different spot now, and a different color. Pulled the turbo to find this.

Ripped up turbine wheel, and damaged bearing. So I rebuilt it and sent it off to get checked and rebalanced. Since I was doing the rear I just decided to do the front as well. So now two newly rebuilt 13g turbos. (Still with 0 miles on them!)

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