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...all you ever wanted to know about me and ATX...

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It's always perplexed me why the 3/s is treated as such a drastically different platform than its cousin, the DSM. DSM's are in the 6's/7's now; 3/s's still stuck in the high 8's. DSM's have a significant amount of respect for the ATX; 3/s's treat the ATX like bantha fodder.

Ironically, every other japanese sports car from the 90's seems to have a more commanding, better served, more robust aftermarket community than the 3/s. Perhaps we do it to ourselves with all of the pointless infighting. There has always seemed to be an overabundance of people saying "you can't do that" or "that will never work" with regards to the 3/s. Even as recently as 2003/2004, 15g's were still considered the "big-boy" turbo. Seriously, WTF?

Over the years, I've been called a fanboi, a loud-mouthed braggart, and an overly-opinionated MF. While there are certainly kernals of justification for this, my staunch defense of the ATX as a legitimate componant are hardly of the sort. I fully understand the appeal of the MTX; and if someone choses it, more power to them. I would simply prefer that those who wish for the MTX buy an MTX.

It only came to get on my nerves after hearing countless scores of owners dog the ATX transmission. I've heard them all. "It's weak as shit & breaks when you sneeze at it". "It's uber-expensive to repair & maintain." "It can't hold the power that an MTX can." What is all the more laughable about this is that the ATX is identical mechanically to the ATX on the DSM's. In that light, let me address these each in turn:

1. "Weak as shit" the ATX is not. Even in stock form, it can easily handle stock tt power levels. I know, because I've been running mine that way for over 3 years. in the DSM community, it's well known that a completely stock ATX can handle over 300whp. I'll defy 3/s FWD MTX to do that.

2. "Uber-expensive" is, apparently, a relative term. Last time i checked, a used W4A33 for a 6g72 was going for ~$300 shipped on ebay (including the transfer case); the cheapest W6MG1 was going for ~$700 shipped. The parts needed to "fully-build" a W4A33 (not including differentials), including a billet torque-converter with custom stall, was ~$1500. Just a synchro/bearing kit for a W6MG1 costs $900. Hub & Sleeve assemblies are another $500+ each. And then there's the clutch--which brings me to my next point.

3. "Can't hold the power an MTX can". To be fair, this is correct; but only if you're referring to 4th gear (OD). Both the ATX and MTX need upgrades if they are to capably, reliably handle great levels of power. This means an upgraded clutch for the MTX at a minimum. For the ATX, this means a shift-kit at a minimum. Both the stock W4A33 and stock W6MG1 will start to show weaknesses at power levels above 300whp (>50whp over stock tt levels).

Now before anyone throws more spears, I'll be the first to point out that there are DSM's running the W4A33 with lower ET's than the 3/s world record.

I'll just stop here before I pointlessly ramble further. Just remember, this isn't a case of one > the other. These are just different flavors. They do different things. One is not inherently better than the other. They differ in asthetic appeal (advantage: MTX); cost (advantage ATX); and a few other areas as well.

So please remember; when you see me start passionately defending the ATX, it's because it's been unfairly disparaged by platform owners who don't know anything about it.

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