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wicked new idea

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So I'm going to take my stock looking 93 pearl white 3000gt vr4 and do a carbon fiber overlay on the roof, a-pillars, and sail panels. Throw on a gt300 carbon fiber hood, and paint some moda r6's gloss black to go with it.


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  1. 93STLTH's Avatar
    You doing the overlay yourself? I've seen some done professionally and they look fantastic, but the overlays I've seen are all 24" wide, so there has to be a seam to mate up when you do a roof panel.
  2. 3KVT's Avatar
    I'd have my friends at GZP do it. Unfortunately, after I found out how much hood will be, on top of what I owe for rims, that kind of pushed the idea off for now. But I'm thinkin the roll style that's 24" wide would work fine. As long as it's matched up well in the center of the top, I don't think it would be noticeable unless you were looking for it. Especially with clear coat over it.
    Do you have a pic of an overlay you could share? I'd like to see how it turns out near the windows or edges of panels that have the overlay. That's my main area of concern, is having a "bumpy" edge with almost a lip on it compared to the rest of the car. I hope that makes sense, it's hard for me to describe over the net.
  3. DocWalt's Avatar
    It would be best to lay the CF under the window, or at the least, under the rubber trim pieces.
  4. 3KVT's Avatar
    yeah, I hear ya there. Plus my trim pieces are lookin pretty faded nowadays, so I'll probably replace 'em at the same time.
  5. Emilie@GZP's Avatar
    If you're not in a rush for a CF roof overlay... just hang tight
  6. 3KVT's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Emilie@GZP
    If you're not in a rush for a CF roof overlay... just hang tight
    Em, After I switched the rims to silver, I think I've kinda dropped the CF overlay for now. I will def keep you guys in mind though!
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