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Pretty bummed :(

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As the title says, im pretty friggen bummed... I found a fairly nice 1992 GTO that the owner was very badly wanting to trade for my Soarer, I was pretty stolked about getting to jump back into the "running" 3/S scene again. There was a catch though, I had to trailer my Soarer to Edmonton, and trailer the GTO back with me (neither have winter tires, and trailers are cheaper) All fine and dandy... Nope, I talked it over with my dad who is the one with the truck, told him that all expenses for the trip would be paid etc. But out of nowhere, he starts coming up with all these excuses why we can't do this, pretty well what it came down to was that he hates the cars... Not cool to me... So as of now, it's looking like I won't be able to get the GTO, and am stuck with my Soarer unless something miraculous happens Hopefully another opportunity presents its self soon.

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  1. 3KVT's Avatar
    why's your padre gotta be hatin like that?
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