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My 3000 GT VR4

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Mitsubishi 3000GT VR4 1992
Color: Sandstone Gray
At purchase 112k miles

  1. Wash---Done
  2. Change Air filter---Done
  3. Fix AA---Done
  4. Fix AC display
  5. Fix Exhaust Leak
  6. Replace Oil cap
  7. Change Oil
  8. Change other fluids.
  9. Fix active Exhaust
  10. .....................

The day after I brought it home

First Wash in 4 years

The mice living in my air box stopped paying rent so I kicked them out.

AA working

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Updated 09-18-2010 at 03:27 PM by arthur92710

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  1. Atrosity's Avatar
    Pretty cool to see the front AA work. My car is too low and I tore that thing up and eventually I looked under and it was gone.
  2. arthur92710's Avatar
    Wow, I just came off?
    It was a bunch of work. I took apart both the front and rear, loads of rusted screws. Really the problem was in the front. The joints seized, all it needed was some twisting and WD-40.
  3. CoreyB's Avatar
    My damned front air dam has been missing since I got the car. The motor and stuff is there though.
  4. awild's Avatar
    I'm hunting for another my eye on 2, we'll see what happens
  5. Mystery's Avatar
    What do you recommend when my AA is torn and gone where you recommend to get the parts?
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