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My light restoration project

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I thought I would start up a project thread just to keep track of everything that has been done to my car. I hope to stay on top of this and keep it updated. I'll post pics when I have them. I wish I would have taken more pics to document the things done, but I will try to get better about it. Here's a short list of things that need to be done to the car.

  1. Replace control arm with alignment - Done
  2. Fix the busted oil pressure gauge - Done
  3. Replace outside door weatherstripping - Done
  4. Machine front rotors - Done
  5. Replace intake coupler - Done
  6. Replace front wiper motor - Done
  7. Replace fuel cap - Done
  8. Install battery hold down kit (This scared me when I noticed the battery was just floating around in there) - Done
  9. Transmission Flush - Done
  10. Replace shift knob and shift boot - Done
  11. Replace upper and lower coolant hoses - Done
  12. Install cup holder - Done
  13. Install ashtray - Done
  14. Replace ebrake and fix the mounting points - Done
  15. Fix clutch leak - Done
  16. Replace rear wiper motor - Done
  17. Beat dent out of oil pan - Done
  18. Replace sunroof regulator - Done
  19. Replace battery cables - Done
  20. Rebuild Transmission - Done
  21. Replace sunvisors
  22. Replace carpet
  23. Replace cargo cover clips
  24. Replace exhaust
  25. Restore steering wheel
  26. Replace D/S seat belt holder
  27. Paint entire car
  28. Replace TT and Active Aero decals
  29. New wheels
  30. Replace leathers
  31. Replace missing trunk compartment cover

I have a long way to go...wish me luck!

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Updated 02-27-2012 at 01:08 PM by blackrob

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  1. Atrosity's Avatar
    Good Luck!
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