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My 6g74 project. Also my 1st engine swap.

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I've wanted to do this for a few years now, ever since I first heard about it.
I found a great deal on ebay for one. $1100 shipped, and it got here in 3 days.
I also have a good 5 speed transmission with about 120k miles on it from a previous project.
I'm looking to sell my current dd, I think 1500 to 2000 should be an easy goal.
That should give me plenty of funds for a cheap shell in better shape than my current dd (260k miles) as well as a few upgrades.
Also, I hate to tear apart a running car, so I'd really prefer to just sell it.
So that's where I'm at right now. Plenty of info and pics to come.

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Updated 03-03-2011 at 05:49 PM by n2nsanity

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6g74 Swap


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  1. n2nsanity's Avatar
    Here are some pics. The engine actually came with an atx attached to it. Looking to sell that for about $200 which will bring my costs so far down to $900.


    stripping the stealth
    Updated 03-04-2011 at 12:52 PM by n2nsanity
  2. ntcmpjg's Avatar
    good luck eddie
  3. n2nsanity's Avatar
    thx man

    more stripping:

    Updated 03-04-2011 at 12:55 PM by n2nsanity
  4. black98-3k's Avatar
    interested in selling that plg wire cover?
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  5. n2nsanity's Avatar
    Well, I sold my blue 95 base
    Sold on craigslist within 8 hours of posting, lol
    Kept my wheels and threw some old stealth wheels on
    Here is the last pic i have of her

    I got rid of the stealth not too long after.
    I also picked up a cheap 94 base and thought about restoring it and using it for my swap, but it needed a lot of body work and had not much better mileage than my 95.
    I'm really trying to avoid high mileage and bodywork, so now that's also gone, but not before I grabbed everything I could possibly need for a 2g engine conversion and 5spd conversion
    This way, if I find a good shell, even if it was a 91 atx sohc, I wouldn't have to rule it out.

    So, here is everything I have now:
    Complete 6g74 with all accessories and brackets
    5 spd from the 92, along with flywheel, clutch and pressure plate
    Wire harness and ecu from the 94 base
    Set of mtx axles
    225/40/18 Nexens on black VSR wheels

    And a list of things I will likely need:
    mtx starter
    new clutch set
    60k maintenance parts
    and a good shell, obviously
    Updated 02-19-2011 at 12:38 PM by n2nsanity
  6. n2nsanity's Avatar
    Ok, so I recently picked up a 94 base atx. It was missing the battery and had a smashed up neutral safety switch, so it wasn't running
    I'm thinking this might be my candidate for the swap even though its not exactly what I was looking for.
    I do have every single thing I need to make it work, except for the mtx starter, so this could definitely work.
    It didn't take much to get it running. I borrowed a neutral safety switch from "badhabit". Installed a battery and changed the oil. It started up pretty easily considering it's been sitting for a while.
    Anyway, I only paid $950 delivered for it. Pretty awesome deal I think.
    And then I sold the rims and system for about $550, so $400 for a running car is hard to beat.
    Some pics to come soon, but it has 150k, body is in pretty good shape except for the ds fender has a dent and some small spots where the clear coat is fading on the hood. Headlights look perfect all around.
    The interior was upgraded to charcoal leather seats front and back except for the door inserts, so I'll be looking for those. Headliner looks brand new. No bubbling on the door panels or back seat panels. Cargo cover is missing. So after the leather door inserts and the cargo cover, interior should be pretty good. (Now I'm regretting selling my extra cargo cover and not trading out the leather door inserts on my 95 before I sold it)
    It has a light knock from the engine and its blowing a lot of smoke. Hopefully thats mostly due to the old gas in it and not a blown head gasket and bad valves.
    Also, the tranny was supposively rebuilt recently, but reverse isn't working for some reason. I hope to figure that out before I pull the trans.
    Either way, I'm getting pretty close to doing my swap. If it doesn't go in this car, I'll at least grab the front end, sides and rear bumper from it and then have a complete 2g body conversion
  7. n2nsanity's Avatar
    Some pics of the new ride

    just got it
    Updated 02-10-2011 at 07:33 PM by n2nsanity
  8. n2nsanity's Avatar
    Haven't done too much with the car lately. Been out of town a lot for work in december and january.
    I installed my black 18's about a month or so ago. I also borrowed a neutral safety switch from badhabit. Thanks So I've been occasionally driving it around the neighborhood. Reverse still isn't working, but the transmission was recently rebuilt, so I think the cables might just need to be adjusted. Either way I'm doing an mtx conversion soon, so it doesn't really matter. But I'd like to figure out because it's bothering me not knowing what it is.

    Today I put my new charcoal sunvisors in. The ones it came with were tan, everything else was charcoal. The new ones also have the lighted mirrors and are in excellent shape.
    A few days ago my ss braided clutch line came in. I still need to finish getting all my 60k parts together and an mtx starter. And also a new clutch set. I'm going to try to get a whole kit with a lightweight flywheel. Hopefully I can do all this for under $1k.

    I was doing some thinking today and realized this is my 15th car, lol. My 4th 3/s and still have 3 other cars in the driveway. The saturn is supposed to be sold this weekend and the passat will hopefully be sold soon, but I need to rebuild the turbo and do a good bit of maintenance first.
  9. n2nsanity's Avatar

  10. n2nsanity's Avatar
    I picked up the mtx starter today.
    There was a promotion going on advance auto website.
    $40 off $100 coupon code EMV40
    The starter was only $80 to begin with
    So I threw in 3 ngk iridium plugs to make it $101. perfect lol
    So basically I got a brand new starter and half of my plugs for like $65
    That's about what the used starters on ebay go for

    Updated 02-19-2011 at 12:36 PM by n2nsanity
  11. n2nsanity's Avatar
    I've been working on the 60k today. Water pump, pulleys and belt are all on. Timing is set. Those cam locks made life a lot easier. Just have to pick up the hydraulic tensioner tomorrow and bolt that on. Then I can start putting that side together.
    There was a little rust on the block behind the water pump, so I hit that with a wire brush and re-painted.

    Updated 02-19-2011 at 01:03 PM by n2nsanity
  12. n2nsanity's Avatar
    There's actually a whole lot more I want to do than I can probably afford. I added it up and it's well over $3k
    So I'm going to take care of things that need to be done while the engine is out first and go from there.
    I'm having trouble finding headers to fit, so I think I'm going to keep the stock manifolds on and get a new downpipe and catback.
    Then I'll just need spacers and be set.
    I might also look into porting and ceramic coating the stock exhaust manifolds.

    lightweight crank pulley
    lightweight flywheel
    stage 2 clutch set
    new dowpipe
    testpipe (will use to weld in a hi flow cat later)
    hiflow cat
    ground wire kit
    battery relocation kit
    fuel pump rewire kit
    anodized/polished fuel rails
    fuel pressure regulator
    blue led interior light kit
    powdercoated valve covers
    polished upper and lower plenum
    lowering springs
    new shocks
    slotted rotors
    new ceramic brake pads all around
    braided ss brake lines
    killer glass for radiator hose
    all new vacuum and fluid lines (braided ss, colored or loomed where possible)
    Updated 02-19-2011 at 12:58 PM by n2nsanity
  13. n2nsanity's Avatar
    Went to the autostore today go pick up the hydraulic tensioner today. That's all I need to wrap up my 60k maintenance. I opened the box at the store and glad I did, because the shipping pin was missing and the tensioner was leaking fluid. I could squeeze it with my thumb and push it in. So that was pretty worthless. A replacement should come in in the a.m. so hopefully I can finish that up tomorrow. In the meantime I did a little more cleaning and painting. A little bit on the block, but mostly brackets. I came up with a few ideas I'm going to toy around with. More pics to come later. My engine might look brand new when I'm done

    wheel cleaner does pretty good at getting the dirt and grease off

    hit them lightly with the wire brush and sandpaper and sprayed them

    Updated 02-20-2011 at 09:02 PM by n2nsanity
  14. n2nsanity's Avatar
    still working on the block

    The replacement tensioner came in today. Got that installed, timing is set, bolts properly torqued and the lower cover back on. I also put on the new lightweight crank pulley. The gold colored crank pulley bolt was looking out of place, but some sandpaper took care of that

    Updated 02-21-2011 at 09:14 PM by n2nsanity
  15. n2nsanity's Avatar
    I have a re-manufactured a/c compressor still in the box. I plan on having some ice cold a/c this summer
    Speaking of, I'm going to need to flush the lines and get a new dryer. Something else to add to my list.

    Block is looking better. Some overspray on the dipstick tube, but I'm going to polish or paint that anyway

    Finished the top covers and all brackets. This side is looking pretty good aside from the cracked front upper tbelt cover.
    Alternator, compressor and pulleys installed. Shined up the alternator a bit too. Looks much better

  16. n2nsanity's Avatar

    I guess now I'm going to be working on the vw for a couple of days. Having trouble getting the right gaskets tho.
    This thing is pretty fast for a 1.8 and the k04 is supposed to be a pretty noticeable upgrade too

    I'm also having trouble finding the right serpentine belts for the 3.5
    Updated 03-03-2011 at 05:41 PM by n2nsanity
  17. jessecain1's Avatar
    wow i love that you actually took the time to paint the block i got impatient and just threw mine in.
  18. n2nsanity's Avatar
    ive got plenty of time to get it done. i'm always waiting on new parts or more $
    That leaves plenty of time to do the little things in between

    I finally found someone at the autostores who knew something other than how to look up parts only by year, make and model...
    I gave him the diameter # of grooves of the belt and he was able to help
    The underdrive pulley was throwing things off a little
    Power steering belt is the same size (36.5 inches)
    Alt/AC belt is 43 instead of 45 inches
  19. TUFFTR's Avatar
    One thing I'll suggest is, use a 3L rear rocker cover, only because if you use the 3.5L one the bolt holes for the upper rear timing cover are different, so in the event of you ever damaging your stock rear 3.5L rear timing cover, you MUST find another 3.5L one. So I suggest to use a 3L rear rocker cover only for that reason, if what I said just confused you, look at the spacing of the bolt holes in the rear rocker cover on the 3 and 3.5L and you'll see what I mean, saves for less headache down the track :P

    otherwise, you will LOVE the power this thing makes
  20. n2nsanity's Avatar
    For the 3.5 upper t-belt covers, i think they are taller than the 3.0 anyway. i need to look at them side by side again to be sure. One from the 3.5 is cracked so I thought I'd just throw on one of my old 3.0 covers, but I know something didn't fit right. Guess I'll be repairing the cracked one

    No more updates yet.. Waiting on clutch kit and getting my flywheel resurfaced. Then I can get the trans mounted and be ready to drop this baby in
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