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AaronVR4's Single Turbo Build (in progress)

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Well I guess I'm jumping on the "Single Turbo Bandwagon" or whatever. I was wanting to go single turbo in 2007 but having a kid kind puts your priorities in check.

Anyways... heres some pics of the car and the parts going into the build. Im trying to get everything before i dive into actually piecing it all together.

BW S366 91-79 VS 19THL

Oil Cooler Shots

exhaust tip and muffler. 5" diesel exhaust tip and 3.5 inch muffler

Vbands and Aluminum exhaust tubing

Seats that are going in.

pretty light.

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  1. AaronVR4's Avatar
    My Single turbo Headers.

  2. AaronVR4's Avatar

  3. AaronVR4's Avatar

  4. AaronVR4's Avatar
    Heres the bumper wing and side skirts that will be going on the car. 97 is my favorite look so...

  5. AaronVR4's Avatar

  6. AaronVR4's Avatar

  7. AaronVR4's Avatar
    More oil cooler pics

    2nd gen front end
  8. AaronVR4's Avatar
    Prosport gauges. Giving these a second thought tho...
  9. Unknownvr4's Avatar
    Nice. What headers are those?
  10. rossfashow's Avatar
    Nice build but I think you should ditch the prosports for some defis to match the quality of your bride seats
  11. Atrosity's Avatar
    Ditch the prosport! Other then that this is awesome!!
  12. eblank8's Avatar
    When did you get those headers from him?! I've been waiting 10 months for mine... still don't have em. >
  13. AaronVR4's Avatar
    GCTech headers.

    Eblank8 - These headers have been sitting in my closet for a long time.

    Im not spending all that money on Defis. Probably be going with some Autometer 60mms.
  14. rossfashow's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by AaronVR4
    GCTech headers.

    Im not spending all that money on Defis. Probably be going with some Autometer 60mms.
    but if youre gonna have baller seats, why not get baller gauges?
  15. AaronVR4's Avatar
    Well I guess my car is going in a little different direction than before. I love the seats but might have considered some kirky seats back then as well.
  16. 92pearltt's Avatar
    do you have a cross over pipe made yet, where is the turbo going to be placed? If you don't mind me asking how much did the headers set you back?
  17. AaronVR4's Avatar
    No crossover pipe yet. Im still going to pull the motor and fix a broken oil pan bolt so it will be a while before thats done.
    Im thinking something like this...
    (Roy from 3si)

  18. rossfashow's Avatar
    I love single turbo. I am gonna keep a close eye onthis build.
  19. arthur92710's Avatar
    That turbo is HUGE! What truck did you pull it off? Man... awesome build, cant wait to see the result.
  20. AaronVR4's Avatar
    Not sure what diesel it came off of. Bought it new. Payed half the price of 19ts for it tho. :P
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