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"Project Perverse"

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Well, figured I would post up on here my plans for the stealth...Project Perverse.

This is what I have removed so far to shave weight:

Steering wheel w/ airbag ~ 9 pounds
Diver Seat ~ 57 pounds
Passenger Seat ~ 44 pounds
Rear seat with both back rests ~ 26 pounds
Complete AC system ~ 29 pounds
Rear wiper assem. and washer fluid reservoir(full) ~ 9 pounds
Complete Audio (double DIN head unit, speakers, power antenna) ~ 18 pounds
Complete interior minus the dash (headliner, all molding, door cards) ~ 38 pounds
Sound deadening material ~ 15 pounds (removed from bottom of trunk, directly under front seats and rear seats, rear wheel wells)
Empty Fuel Tank ~ 33 pounds

Some of these items will be replaced with lightweight parts. I will also be getting a FG hood and FG hatch and doing lexan all the way around.....eventually.


Pair of 16G EVOIII TD05 Turbos (purchased)
TD05 Header Kit (purchased)
Pair of Tial Wastegates (purchased)
Ross Forged Pistons (purchased)
Forged Rods (purchased)
Second Gen Forged Crank (installed)
Solid Motor Mounts (purchased)
SPEC Stage 5 Clutch (purchased)
Fidanza Aluminum Flywheel (purchased)
Pair of 255lph Walbro Fuel Pumps (purchased)
Big Bore Fuel Rails (purchased)
Braided Fuel Lines (purchased)
RC 1000cc Injectors (purchased)
4 Gallon Fuel Cell (purchased)
Fuel Pump Hotwire (purchased)
HKS Racing BOV (purchased)
3SX Bearing Loaded Short Shifter (installed)
Brian Crower Stage 3 Cams (purchased)
Big Bore Lifters (purchased)
Fidanza Adjustable Cam Gears (purchased)
EGR Blockoff Kit (purchased)
Corbeau Forza Seat and rail (purchased)
AEM EMS Series 2
Dejon TD05 Intakes
3SX High Capacity Radiator
Battery Relocated To Trunk
3SX Radiator Fans
Stage 3SX Heads (over ported/polished, nitride valves, titanium springs and retainers)
AC Deleted (completed)
8 Point Roll Cage
“Premium Build” transmission by Jacks transmissions
25 Spline T-Case (tranny converted from 18 to 25 spline) (purchased)
Weld 15 Inch Racing Wheels
Mickey Thompson Slicks
Fiberglass Hood and Hatch

Tuned to E85

I expect to have her on the track by next March. I will keep this updated as I get new parts.

For pics, please visit here:

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  1. DocWalt's Avatar
    Post pics here, people are too lazy to click links

    Sounds like a beast man, keep us updated!
  2. Falcon's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by DocWalt
    Post pics here, people are too lazy to click links

    Sounds like a beast man, keep us updated!
    Well, honestly there are not that many pics of it yet. Mostly just pics from taking it all apart. Still waiting on my rods to arrive from the machinist. Can't really start until I get those. Once I start putting her all back together I will be posting tons of pics.
  3. awild's Avatar
    ditch the entire exhaust after the downpipe or cat. that sucker is heavier than anything you've taken off already
  4. TWINTRBO's Avatar
    Since this is obviously a drag car, you should ditch the AWS. If you dont plan on driving in the street I have more than a few ideas for weight removal.

    Ideas: Banana Wing, Pop up headlights, Airbag computer under console, rear seat belts, Active exhaust motor, ECS struts, Bumper reinforcements, hood and trunk lift supports, Rocker panels and door moldings. It depends how serious you are about the weight program of course but I bet thats an easy 200 lbs.
  5. Falcon's Avatar
    Yeah, I am going downpipe only. The AWS is maybe 60 pounds, so not gonna hassel with the removal just yet. Already removed the COMPLETE interior and gonna have one Corbeau Forza seat in there. (about 20 pounds w/ bracket) I'm not gonna start taking out any control boxes until I get her up and running. Easier to diagnose any codes that way.
  6. Hard AttacK's Avatar
    Ditch that ABS!!

    You should have kept it beige wheat!
  7. 92pearltt's Avatar
    Cool project you have here. I see you say you are expecting 800 AWHP, thats a bit much for 16gs.
  8. Atrosity's Avatar
    You think the 16Gs will be a limiting factor?
  9. Falcon's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by 92pearltt
    Cool project you have here. I see you say you are expecting 800 AWHP, thats a bit much for 16gs.
    I may be a little optomistic, but as far as I know, nobody has pushed the 16gs to their limits. I will be running E85 on a maxed out tune. (with no concern of reliability) Plus I will have all the supporting mods. (heads, cams, AEM EMS, fuel, no intakes, not exhaust, etc). I am not saying I will for sure get close to 800, but I think it is possible, even on the 3.0.
  10. 92pearltt's Avatar
    Chris from 3sx ran his 16g's pretty much balls out and only got 702 AWHP, and he was running E100.
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