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Sayuri Akemi - The Black Dragon

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So I have my dream VR-4, and it is amazing. It is very clean, only with a few tiny minor problems. Nothing I would call important. I would be the one to end up calling it after an anime character. So I really wanted to end up with a name that started with the letter "S", like Sayuri. Sayuri meaning small, lily. This car is small, and low. I can fit my mountain bike and a passenger with me in the Daytona, in this I will be lucky to find the room for my golf bag.

I have already made up a Fuel Log Book, I started my Scrapbook that will accompany the vehicle at shows and events, and just been personalizing it to my taste. I really do not care for the white gauges, but they sort of grown on me, but I don't think I will keep them. The seats have some tan in them, I HATE tan with a passion. The tan will go, maybe not all at once, but little by little it will be replaced with either blue or black. Blue leather, now that's something nice.

Things that I have done already include installing an open ended steering wheel, new skull pedals, a "3000GT" center rear panel to replace the "GTO" one (makes a great wall decoration) and a very heavy like 5lb shift knob. I want to replace the gauges on the vehicle, now finding what I want has proven to be difficult, finding them with a tach of 10,000 and speed of 180mph is possible, just very places offer that range. I need to get ahold of one black face for a digital AEM fuel pressure gauge, and also am looking for a way to replace the boost and exhaust temp face places with black ones as well. I may have a blue bezel installed if I really think I will enjoy that over the black one currently in it. I have been looking at some glow needles, and probably will go with some UV Purple ones or Blue.

The tan is located on the door inserts, easy fix with 27 dollar covers, but the real issue is the headliner and the seats. The front seats have it on the sides, but the rear seats are completely tan. I will probably usually have the rear seats down anyway so it is not at the top of the list to deal with, and the headliner isn't horrible to look at, or at least it does not bother so far, but it might eventually so I will deal with that when it does start to bother me. I plan to get some blue skull floor mats to place in the vehicle, just for some flare.

I have thought very heavily about replacing the front seats with aftermarket seats, a 4 or 5 point harness and a bar. The brackets will have to be modified to fit the new seats, and the original seats would become a couch once they are removed. The seats in it now are just fine, it's only a matter of how I want Sayuri to look for me.

I really want to have a bit of some blue dash trim kit installed on parts of the vehicle, but it's not a mandatory thing right now. I have also made plans to eventually insert an LED conversion kit for part of the vehicle.

I have not taken many pictures other than the ones that have been taken prior to my start of the small tweaking to the build. More pictures will be included when I get time to place the vehicle in a good photo opportunity spot. The brake light, which may be a result of the switch on the handbrake, and the Antilock light, which might be a wheel speed sensor are the only real things "broken" on the vehicle. I may or may not put brand new brakes Homura, since the ones currently on are just fine. Purple Ice is going in this, as well as other Royal Purple products to keep my engine running as cool as possible. I'll switch to whatever the engine wants though to keep it running perfectly. I've looked at some oil coolers as well.This vehicle came with the owner manual, one of the things I am most excited about even if it isn't in perfect condition, and 11 other guides on installing and proper usage of the technology of the AEM and timer, EVC, and anything else installed on the vehicle before I got my hands on it. Sorry for the glare, it is what it is.

My plans over the winter of 2016 into 2017 are to rewire the active areo button on the vehicle for the rear wing, add in an FPSS for the nitrous, rehook up the nitrous, finish installing the 4 point harnesses and charcoal, midnight black rear seats, and most of all, a tune performed in the springtime.

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    So I still do not have a true video of this vehicle or what it can do, but it is in the middle of a project and I need to get my pillar gauges reconnected, the horn works now, learned that the hard way by opening the hood with the doors locked. The radio needs to get power back to it, and maybe fix the active areo issue if there is time. Also, I mainly wanted this post to be about owning the vehicle since I have had it in my possession.

    When I first bought it, even before I bought it I thought I wanted a VR-4 without a sunroof, and to replace the seats with aftermarket ones. I love the sunroof, and for now will keep the seats the way they are. I still will eventually replace all the tan with black and blue, but for not it is not that important. I thought I did not want any white gauge faces, but I seem it like them just fine for now. It is a work in progress and I will keep at it until it is perfect!
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