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Project Fat an Slow racing drag car

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This car kind of came about due to a joke between me and my friend Nate. Nobody can afford any of the million 3000gt parts me and nate have laying around because of the collapsed economy. So throw them away or just build a pile of parts into a car. A 93 sl with a blown engine and junk paint came into the picture and the idea of "f*%k it, we should build a car" took precedence.

Here's a link to the page i made for it:

-Car has a 92 rt na block with 95 vr4 everything else bolted on it.
-Run by a 92 vr4 ecu and wiring harness.
-Random fmic from a parts car that was supposed to be converted but wasn't
-2 1/2" exhaust pipe for intercooler, rest are stock pieces hacked together, probably cost me $20 bucks for whole
-2" exhaust pipe welded to bent piece of 4" stainless exhaust off nates car with summit coupler to stock
maf for intake pipes to turbos
-oil cooler eliminated and plugged up
-a/c, p/s, abs, and brake booster eliminated
-na coolant distrubution housing used to eliminate all coolant hoses
-69 dodge dart washer fluid bottle used for coolant catch can with leftover a/n 90 degree elbow
-custom scrap metal tranny mount
-solid motor mounts out of my old street car
-fuse box moved to passenger side headlight bucket
-nates old 3sx camgears
-custom alternator bracket out of old dodge drive belt tensioner brackets
-lightweight crank pulley
-o2 housings cut off and welded in pieces out of stock stainless na muffler crossover pipe dump straight to ground

-stock na 2 piston calipers in front with cross drilled and slotted rotors i found in back of one of the parts cars i
threw away
-rear oe vr4 brakes
-abs rings and sensors removed

-lightweight steel flywheel out of nates car
-southbend metallic/organic friction with rasp file used to recreate coarseness also out of nates car
-rps pressure plate also out of nates car
-stock vr4 front axles with na boots rigged on
-broomfield billet tcase
-stock vr4 5 spd rear end with aws removed(probably only time you will ever hear of me doing this)

-bumpers removed
-headlights removed, headlight doors welded to hood
-all heat shielding and any bracing removed or cut out of car
-lexan front and rear windshield
-spoiler moved off back of decklid
-gto center garnish which was on sl for some reason
-stock passenger i/c duct block off sheetmetal used for intercooler mount
-gutted hood and rear hatch
-custom southspeed intake hood bumps
-cut out door bars and sheetmetal
-97-98 foglights wired up for headlights
-inner fenders removed
-hood pins front from spares on dads car
-rear hood pins cut off and drilled all thread

-removed entire interior
-custom seat brackets
-summit cheap seat from 69 dodge dart drag car
-stock steering wheel
-all interior ecus removed
-upside down stock double din gauge pod from nates car with random gauges from parts cars and custom L
bracket mount out of random metal brackets
-sheetmetal wrench as a lightswitch bezel
-hammered drivers pillar to fit racing helmet
-custom helmet hanger welded to roof
-battery relocation to trunk using old dodge dart frame stabilizers as mount welded to floor
-summit battery shutoff switch run through gto center garnish latch
-custom brake pedal piston pin from oe bolts
-sound deadening removed using heat gun and thinner

-megan coilovers
-sway bars removed
-adjustable control arms

Wheels and Tires
-stock 98 eclipse spyder rims
-junkyard used tires

I would upload some pics but i can't figure it out and i'm working right now

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    I dnt kno why I cnt post pics......I obviously posted tha ones above......
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    That's pretty light for a fat and slow drag car
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    Quote Originally Posted by DocWalt
    That's pretty light for a fat and slow drag car
    Hahahahahaha I thank u mite hav somtin there......
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