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Timing belt failure cause and Fix project

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Hi i already started a thread on 3si but i prefer this site most of the old user of 3si are here with the knowledge and the friendship of the community

Want to share and get feedback on my story of my slipped timing belt.

To make a short story, i decide to take my stealth this morning to go work (do this around 5 time a year) and leave the kid at kindergarten for the morning. After work got pick up my son start the road to get home. It's rural area with a lot of strecht with nobody except deer and corn.I drive through a villlage 50km/h WOT a little to reach 90Km/h.

My son in the backseat scream again again ...I said wait 2 minute i'll stop and made a real launch.(0-100Km/h in a 90Km/h road) . I slow down put in second gear to slow down. put in neutral at 20km/h. Suddendly the car die ..

I try to start and hear a strange sound like something spin strange. I tell to my son wait i go check underhood first look all look good. battery , radiator, no smoke.. I check at the timing belt area everything look ok i check belt for PWST i noticed a orange color from the lower timing cover....

$/%?%? it's a pulley and a bolt poping out of the cover

You remember the kid (4 year old) in the story ...i hear Dad go go...i go at the passenger side window and tell him the beast (it'S the name he give for my stealth) need help to finish the road to get home .He told me i need to go at the bathroom ...Ahhh..damn..

Nothing around except the village at around 2Km . I found some scott towel and you imagine the rest.... Next step i told him i dont have the phone mom have it...

He scream NOOOOOO....we will dies here....... Me: Heinn... no no we will walk down the road to call a towing ..some cry and scream.. And go take the wallet... I look far on the road a car Yeah..!!

I go at the rear of the car with my son and show thumbs up , i saw the minivan looking and pass ....and stop... I start walking to reach the car a guys go out and tell me you are lucky.

I know not much people at this hours pass here.... He tell take the kid and the seat for him i will drop you at the village to call towing. Skip a step..wait call insurance het towing ..etc..etc..

After 45 minutes of wait , the smart guy wait with me and return at my car they told me you are lucky the kid are with you without him you would still on the roadside with your sporty car..

!!!!(in my head ASSHOLE!!!) I told him him very lucky... Since waiting the towing my son ask me who is towing i told him the truck that will lift the car and put on is back to take it home.

Wait...wait...remember we are in out of nowhere the towing start at nearly 45 minute... The towing finally arrive talk..etc...put the seat for the kid on the truck jump in seatbelt everything,,,

The guy are really helphful and cool. He ask everyone one ready my son scream yeah Mr towing.... We all strat to laugh...

Finally arrive at home drop the car on the garage and leave here for the rest of the summer , no money to fix right now, They sits since 2 years in the garage waiting love and time, (kids first)

And here start my project to fix by myself , because im able ,skilled enough and motivated I found some good member local to get info and help...and some good contact here on 3Si

I start stripping engine bay to have acces to the timing component and took off the %?$& pulley and bolt and see what cause this issue.

Here is the first link for the reason of the timing slipped Timing Belt Failure Fix Slideshow by QCstealth92 | Photobucket

i will try to keep this project updated really often. But working a 3S with two young kids and wife is hard to have enough time

Thanks for reading this story with my bad english lol


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Updated 04-13-2015 at 07:11 PM by QCstealth92

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  1. QCstealth92's Avatar
    I got some free time to work on the car tonight, i ran on some issue with me EK2 short header the only way to remove some bolt on the front is with a key...took some time

    For the rear one i remember my mechanic told me that he removed the rear motor support or the bracket to install the header ( 4 years ago) Can i remove the head with header bolted on?? If no where i can support the motor because the driver one are already removed i dont want to remove the rear support bracket without a good stand under the motor.

    And for flush the coolant did i need to remove the ....forgot the name.... bypass on the head? :/ one bolt on each head,,

    Tomorrow i will snap some pics of the progress, and some pics of parts that i would like some help to identify. I found rust in some place
  2. QCstealth92's Avatar
    The driver side support are removed it's why im nervous to remove the rear support bracket

    For the coolant removal procedure the manual tell drain plug on each bank....I Just wonder if I drain radiator re-place the drain plug of the radiator and after flush each bank seperatly. ..
  3. QCstealth92's Avatar
    Some pics ...

    Overview :

    table of stuff: more to come on it im sure
  4. QCstealth92's Avatar
    rusted part that i think to change and want to know your opinion and the name of this.. (same 2 part just different angle)

  5. QCstealth92's Avatar
    the broken bolt in is hole :evil1:


    piece of melted plastic and shit where thecrank pulley goes
    Updated 04-11-2015 at 07:28 PM by QCstealth92
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