• 3SGTO May 2015 Newsletter

    * The 2015 3S National Gathering
    * Site Changes
    * COTM
    * Summer 3S Events
    * Site Access issues

    *** The 2015 3S National Gathering
    NG15 is less that 2 months away. If you love 3S's you need to attend. Its a one of a kind event.

    This year the NG is using the brand new NCM Road Course track this is one of the best tracks in the country and its something you should not miss!!!

    Have you considered Taking your car on the track but were just not ready to make the jump and pay the full price? This year the NG has the perfect option for you. For the small price of $50 you can take your car onto the track for 2 15 minute touring sessions. Touring sessions are the perfect jumping on point. They are a slower speed (freeway speed) no passing session. Get you feet wet without the pressure of keeping up with the pack. If you decide you like it you can upgrade on site to the beginner group.

    The NG has lots of free time in the schedule this year. This allows for time to visit the local Amusement Park or head into Nashville for an evening.

    *** Site Changes.
    Did you know that on some sites you can only see the classifieds posts if you are logged in. That means that search engines like google can not see what you post on these sites. This is not the case with 3sgto. Our classifieds are fully searchable by google and all search engines. Also in an effort to improve the visibility of sales the home page and the main forum page show the latest sales.

    Its all in an effort to help you sell.

    *** COTM
    First a Big thanks to Steve and Jeff for offering to step up and help keep the COTM rolling.

    Voting is open for the May COTM http://www.3sgto.org/car-month/15428...ngine-bay.html

    We need some banner images for a few months winners as well if there is someone with graphic skills that can help that would be great?

    *** Summer 3S Events
    Running a 3S Event this summer let me know and I will send some gift certificates from one of the 3sgto sponsors and will send out and announcements via the email list.

    *** Site Access issues
    Did you register but for some reason can't see of post in the forum? You need to check out the welcome thread.

    Read that thread and do what it tells you to and your account will be working in no time.