• How to: Modify 1st Gen Buckets for 2nd/3rd Gen Lights

    So your thinking about converting your front end from your 1st gen to a 2nd or 3rd gen front end. Well hopefully this will help you out.

    Let me begin by stressing that the ABSOLUTE best way to do this is to install 2nd gen buckets on your 1st gen car. The only valid reason for keeping your 1st gen buckets is if you later on intent to put the car back to a 1st gen front end. When I repainted my car I also had my 1st gen parts repainted in case I wanted to go back to the 1st gen look. On my previous 93 I had welded 2nd gen buckets on the car and it looked incredibly clean, but since I tend to switch back and forth on front ends I figured this was the best route for me.

    With that in mind, let me say this again, it is ABSOLUTELY better for you to replace the buckets.

    Okay now that we have addressed the most important part letís move on.

    Equipment Used:
    1) Angle Grinder (2 blades)
    2) Dremel (6 blades)
    3) Drill
    4) Hole Saw drill bit

    Overall time: 1 hour on each side once you removed the bumper.

    These pictures should show you all the cuts and places I drilled.

    End Result:

    This is the only picture I have right now, I'll take more tomorrow when I pick up my car from some work I'm having done.

    I'll continue working on this thread throughout the day.
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      nice write up!!
      that would be nice to see the rest of procedure and final result .