• 3SGTO NG14 T-Shirt Group Buy

    The group buy is closed. We did order extra Large and XL. We have 8 of each. If you want a L or XL please feel free to order. If you are coming to the NG we will have them there.

    To help support the NG 3SGTO has created and is selling a special limited edition 3SGTO NG14 shirt. 100% of the profits will goto the NG.

    This is a group by the shirts will only be made if we sell at least 20 of them.

    Shirts will be shipped within 3 weeks after the end of the NG.
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    1. Chris@Rvengeperformance's Avatar
      Chris@Rvengeperformance -
      ordered mine!
    1. kywhitelightning's Avatar
      kywhitelightning -
      Always up to support the NG.
    1. Jimvr4's Avatar
      Jimvr4 -
    1. green-lantern's Avatar
      green-lantern -
      I got mine
    1. got2bquick's Avatar
      got2bquick -
      I had ordered 2 but I received 1
    1. Alan92RTTT's Avatar
      Alan92RTTT -
      I just saw this. I checked my records and I did make a mistake. Please accept my apology.

      I still have a 2X. I will get that in the mail ASAP.
    1. got2bquick's Avatar
      got2bquick -
      Thanks Alan, my wife thought I forgot her....