• October 2012 Newsletter

    * October Events.
    * 2013 3000GT / Stealth / GTO Calendar picture submissions
    * 3SGTO Car of the Month
    * Classifieds Verification

    Doh, forgot to do a September newsletter. 8-(

    ***** October/November Events *****
    Anythingscheduled for October?
    November 09-11, 2012 Texas 3S 2012

    ***** 2013 3000GT / Stealth / GTO Calendar picture submissions *****
    Submissionsend on 10/6/12 you've got a few extra days use them.
    More details on picture sizing and how to submit here

    ***** 3SGTO Car of the Month *****
    First lets congratulate our August winner Bryan "B-Man" Larson for a win in the "200k+ Miles" category.

    Next lets congratulate our September winner Toni "Toni" Koziol for a win in the "Best Interior" category.

    Octobers 2012's Car of the Month category is All 3/S/GTO's
    This poll will close on 10-09-2012 at 11:51 AM

    Novembers category will be 500HP+ 3/S/GTO's

    ***** Classifieds Verification *****
    Their are many verifications hanging waiting for final approval. Most of these are wanting for a response from you. Because of the way that the verification forum works I can not post a regular reply in your thread. I have to edit your post and leave a note in it. If you applied and have not been verified keep checking your thread to see if I have left a note. Make sure to reply to your thread so I can spot the change.

    We don't get that many verification requests so I only do them once a week at this point.

    ***** Sponsors *****
    If you run a business and would like to sell / advertise on 3sgto.org send me a PM(alan92rttt) or email (alan@3sgto.org)

    As always huge thank you to all of the members for making 3sgto.org and 3sg.org a success.


    PS If you ever have any ideas on how to make the site better please let me know.

    279 days until the 2013 3S National Gathering